The Inbetweeners

This story is about a girl named Summer and her cousin, Theo. They grew up in a place that's known among witches and wizards as level #3. This is the place that magical folk in the category of something called a hander, are normally raised. Then the cousins find Harry, Ron, and Hermione hiding in a small shelter made of fallen branches. They need to figure out a way to send the golden trio back to the world of 'average' witches and wizards.


6. I. Hate. Meeps.

Summers POV

It's true. I hate meeps. There small and wiggly and fast and stubborn and mean and they are simply infuriating. For your information, our laughing attracted so many foot long, hairy, tube like, exploding beasts, that I almost blew my stack at Ron, who had started all the noise. Silently cursing my stupidity, I cast a protective bubble around the five of us, and started to run away from the exploding, small, deadly creatures. I had no clue where I was taking the others, because I was so concentrated  on keeping the bubble around us. After I nearly ran into a tree several times, Harry grabbed my arm and guided me through the trees wile Theo led the group. I'm told that Hermione ran backwards most of the way, shooting stunning spells at the horde of slithering, speedy creatures. We had been running for hours by the time we got to the half way shelter. Both Ron and Hermione were suffering from the venomous bite of the meep, and were being half carried  by Theo. Struggling to keep the protective bubble around us, I was just able to rase my hand to point at the log cabin that was only a few yards away. Harry got my unspoken message. He led the others to the small, rundown shelter. When they were all inside, I finally let down the guard that was relentlessly sapping my strength. I joined Harry and Theo kneeling next to Ron and Hermione, who had both gone very pail and were to weak to even sit up. I, being older than Theo, knew how to remove poisons. Leaning over Hermione, I place my hand over the wound and concentrated on the gap in her leg closing. A foul smelling green liquid spurted out of the bite and evaporated, along with the remaining strength I had. Moving on to Ron, I found that I couldn't do the spell. It needed strength from its caster, or else it won't work. "I," I managed through the fuzzy pull of exhaustion. "I can't do it." Theo looked at me with a worried expression. He knew I would only admit defeat if it was a serious situation and I really needed help. He saw the wariness that griped my half asleep frame. Knowing what to do, he grabbed my hand and lent me his strength. I tried to heal Ron once more and the spell worked. Completely spent, literally, Theo snuggled up next to Ron wile I went and fetched a blanket. I'm use to playing big sister by now, but after I laid out the blanket on the three, I fell asleep standing up, and literally collapsed into Harry's arms. Finally, I thought. Sleep.

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