Daughter Of The Moon

Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, this was for a reason.

Being the she wolf born under the Alpha king she is the so called Daughter of the Moon, the shifter who has the power to call on other shifters, distance was not a question. It is in their blood to answer to her, the flesh and blood of their deity. It had been a century since there was one, and that didn't end good and her father and brother refuses to have a repeat of that.

But what if the fates have a different plan? Somewhere between the search for her mate, she is taken as a captive by the hunters who plans to use her powers. What will become of the pack and not to mention their kind?




16. To Crap Be The Glory

"Yes." I said proudly. I am not as gifted as he was, and well, let's just say mine looked more like an Archie character than an impression of him.

"You have a future in comics." Liam said making Eric and I laugh.

Liam turned to Eric, "Let me see your Picasso."

Eric shook his head, looking embarrassed again, like in the car. So cute!

"C'mon, it can't be that bad." Liam said, "IT won't be different seeing you were painting Sissy."

"Hey!" I lightly hit him on the chest acting hurt, but all he did was laugh and caught my hand. "You better have not made fun of this Eric."

Eric chuckled, "Cherry blossom, I love my life, and I wouldn't think of pissing you or Anna as I have said earlier."

"Then show us." Liam says, like a kid growing tired of asking.

Eric glanced at me, "Don't hate me." he said, then he turned the painting toward us.

The moment we saw it, my jaw dropped on the ground. And I was sure Liam was drooling beside me.

"What the fuck?!" Liam shouted.

"Mr. McCartney, it there a problem here?"

We looked up and saw our art teacher, Ms. Jenning, walking up to us, looking disappointed at Liam's choice of words.

"Oh, uhm, no Ms. Jenning, just..." he glanced at Eric then grabbed his painting.

"Hey!" Eric and I said.

"See here?" That's hella good don't you think Ms. Jenning?" Liam says showing her what Eric painted of me. Ms. Jenning stared at it, obviously in admiration, "I mean, I'm not happy he though of my bestfriend like that, but this is hella good."

Instantly Ms. Jenning snapped out of her staring and gave Liam a look, he was usually her favorite student, but it seems that will be changing soon.

"If I hear another curse from you Liam I will have to send you to the headmaster's office."

"Sorry..." Liam says.

Then she turned to Eric, "But I have to agree this is really good  Mr. Johansen."

"Thank you." Eric says blushing as the class were watching us now.

I crossed my arms over my chest, not liking how Ms. Jennings was staring at Eric, nor do I appreciate the class looking at us. Plus Eric's painting of me in the tub surrounded by cherry blossoms.

"You must really be proud of this Ms. Grey, for Mr. Johansen to be able to paint you like this." She said.

I shrugged, feeling my cheeks burning, "I'm not really sure Ms. Jennings, but it is good."

"It is, and I hope that you'll agree to have me hang it at the gallery-"

"No!" Eric and I said in unison.

"And why not Ms. Grey?" Ms. Jennings asked.

cause I'll be damned if the whole school sees me during bath time, that's why bitch! I thought.


"I told her I'll give it to her." Eric says. "for her birthday..."

Oh..." Ms. Jennings says, obviously disappointed again.

Man, if this girl wasn't human I would have told her to jump on the bridge or something.

"Well, I hope you can make me one which I can post in the gallery..." she glanced at the painting again and at me, "One less provocative, maybe?"

Provocative? I was not insulted in whatever way! But then again, thinking of what Siam might do to Eric, I'll let this slip.

"Of course miss." Eric says. Ms. Jennings then turned to leave, "And Ms. Jennings?"

"Yes Eric?" she asked

"I don't think it is provocative." Eric says, looking at her straight in the eyes, "Your instructions were to capture a moment of our partner would be at her most innocent state, so I though that would be one."

"Oh..." Ms. Jennings glanced my way. I had to smile at how Eric handled in shutting her up, though it was unnecessary. "My apologies if it came out wrong Ms. Grey."

I gave a weak nod. Then she left, as I grabbed the painting away from Liam.

"Thanks a lot Liam." I said oozing with sarcasm.

"Well it is really good." Liam said, "And I don't want to get in trouble."

"So you had to show the painting of me to everyone?"

"Well, pretty boy painted it, didn't he." Liam then gave him a look, "And I was serious when I said I don't like you thinking of my bestfriend like that."

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