Daughter Of The Moon

Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, this was for a reason.

Being the she wolf born under the Alpha king she is the so called Daughter of the Moon, the shifter who has the power to call on other shifters, distance was not a question. It is in their blood to answer to her, the flesh and blood of their deity. It had been a century since there was one, and that didn't end good and her father and brother refuses to have a repeat of that.

But what if the fates have a different plan? Somewhere between the search for her mate, she is taken as a captive by the hunters who plans to use her powers. What will become of the pack and not to mention their kind?




12. To Crap Be The Glory

He nodded, then he let go, but kept me near as his expression turned into a glare.

"Watch where you're going." He said to someone who I was guessing the one who pushed or accidentally pushed me. The moment I was who it was, I frowned.

"Hm, the new boy's feeling brave." Orlando grimaced, his boys laughed with him.

"I think you own my friend an apology." Eric continued, not stepping back.

"Who? This snobbish popular queen bee here?" he nods my way, looking at me with disgust. "I didn't even know she can make friend aside from those who her brother approved of."

Ok, so let me introduce you to Orlando Bush, yeah, I hope he was a classy as the one first family, but no. He is bad news from head to toe... even his aura was menacing.

"Eric." I reached for his arm an pulled him back, "let's just go."

Eric looked at me for a moment, and he calmed down a bit and nodded.

"New boy's a pussy." Orlando says and laughs again.

Eric glared back at him, and this time, so did I.

"Look here, class clown," I snapped, he turned to me, obviously surprised that I was talking to him, "you aren't that funny nor do i appreciate uncalled for remark so early in the day. So if you treasure your family jewels I'm advising you to get your fat asses out of our way before I move you myself."

They all exchanged looks then laughed. They actually laughed at my face.

Well I can't really expect them to obey, they are humans after all. it's moment s like this I love my Siam and Liam's lay team, but not today, maybe never again.

I stepped up at Orlando and bitch slapped him right in front of the whole school population- ok a that's a bit of exaggeration, but you get what I mean. His head was thrown sideward, his hand reached for the chin I hit, the moment he stood u, he glared at me.

"Again, get out of my way." I sneered.

"You bitch!" he shouted, but I was just about too piss right now, that I hit him again, this time hard enough to make him fall on the ground. I stepped up and hovered over him, he looked up at me, his face all red. The second one will surely bruise.

"Next time I say you get out of my way, you do it." I snarled and kicked him where the sun don't shine, and with the shoes that I was wearing today, even I have to got to day that it hurt.

He rolled on the ground, holding unto his precious and fragile broken cargo. whimpering in pain.

With that I waked back to Eric who had his mouth open and was gawking at me.

I gave him a sweet smile and if nothing happened. "Shall we?"

I chuckled and shook his head. "Remind me not to get on your bad side." He said making me laugh. While Anna was making people get a move on saying the show was over.

I turned to where the boys were and they were still gawking, Liam of course had a knowing smile on his face. He taught me how to hit and kick hard. just in case I needed to defend myself, he said.

Then I turned to Eric again, "Let's go."


Much to Anna and my disappointment, there were some classes that Eric wouldn't be having with us. Namely math, History and geography; to bas seeing that having him in those classes would have made it less boring. We were still stuck with the trio - Liam, Anna, and I , but Liam was just sitting or standing beside us, guarding, no doubt. And with every bell, we'd give him the slip.

But Eric has to make friends too, and Anna and I agreed that the football team would probably be the best people for him seeing that the other would probably just gossip about us. The football team, well, its either they didn't care or they are too slow to even notice.

We were to meet with Eric outside my locker for munch, saying that with my scent, I'll  be easier to find, the same goes for my locker. And like he said, he was there, just not alone.

A group of girls had him pinned on my locker, he was standing there casually, him arms crossed over his chest. He had one foot propped up against the locker, one bag over his shoulder.

He was having a casual conversation with the girls. I looked him over and smiled. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fantasizing about him, not to mention his body, 'cause I wouldn't be able to lie if that was the case, cause I am. But it's actually how he was positioned that caught my attention. His arms over his chest meant more space between him and the girls. His leg also puts a gap between them.

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