Daughter Of The Moon

Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, this was for a reason.

Being the she wolf born under the Alpha king she is the so called Daughter of the Moon, the shifter who has the power to call on other shifters, distance was not a question. It is in their blood to answer to her, the flesh and blood of their deity. It had been a century since there was one, and that didn't end good and her father and brother refuses to have a repeat of that.

But what if the fates have a different plan? Somewhere between the search for her mate, she is taken as a captive by the hunters who plans to use her powers. What will become of the pack and not to mention their kind?




10. Oh Joys of Joys

"U-huh, yeah, let's see how you'd be when we get at school with a hundred of girls who are in heat." Aaron said.

"I don't see a problem with that." Eric said, then he turned to me again, "Would you ladies like to ride with me?"

The boys snarled and I send them all a warning look.

"Sure." I said.

"See you boys at school." Anna said.

"Oh, Liam!" I turned before we were out of the kitchen. Liam lit up instantly. "Don't forget to print our your assignment for third period."

"Thanks." He smiled.

"Yeah, Yeah, you asked me to remind you so I did." I said and turned to leave, "I'm not that mean of a best friend, but it doesn't mean you are forgiven."

I heard him groan as I walked up to Eric who was waiting with Anna by the entrance of the kitchen.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Yup." I smiled.

"Hm, is that a new perfume Serenity?" Anna asked, I gave a nod. "It really smells good, it suits you."

I grinned and caught Eric smirked as we walked out of the house to his car.

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