Daughter Of The Moon

Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, this was for a reason.

Being the she wolf born under the Alpha king she is the so called Daughter of the Moon, the shifter who has the power to call on other shifters, distance was not a question. It is in their blood to answer to her, the flesh and blood of their deity. It had been a century since there was one, and that didn't end good and her father and brother refuses to have a repeat of that.

But what if the fates have a different plan? Somewhere between the search for her mate, she is taken as a captive by the hunters who plans to use her powers. What will become of the pack and not to mention their kind?




9. Oh joys of Joys

"As much as I'd like to be mated to you, I don't want people to think I was lucky to be married to the Daughter of the Moon, I want them to see you as my mat not who you represent."

I stared at him and forced down the lump in my throat after taking a piece of bacon.

"It's cheesy I know, but I thought about it." He said, "My father had been talking about you ever since I was a kid, he boasted with his friends that I will be your mate," then he gave a cynical laugh, "whenever I would step into a room he would go on about, "ah there he is..." he raised his arm as if pointing at someone, "the Daughter of the Moon's mate."

I stared at his face and saw the disgust on his face and shook his head. So I just turned and stared at my breakfast. Was I that disgusting to him? Maybe too ugly for him? Maybe he had actually found his real mate, but didn't want to fail his father.

"Hey," He nudged me, I felt a tingle from where we touched, I looked up at him, "don't get me wrong, ok? Like I said, I would love to be the mate of the wisest, most beautiful and not to mention a kick ass alpha female of the shifters." Hearing that I couldn't help but laugh, and he smiled as well, "most of all, I just wanted to be mated to Serenity. No one else."

I stared at him and had to smile.

"Thank you." I said

"You are very much welcome." He said with a wink, "Besides, I was thinking that, if it felt sick for me to be known of such a stupid nickname, how much you felt to be seen as the deity before who you really are."

I chuckled, "Fortunately for me, I didn't have to worry about that." He gave me a questioned look and pierced a piece of pancake with my fork, "I barely made friends, no one was allowed to simply just walk up to me, much more talk. So whenever I need to deal with someone, I need to do it fast. so they never really had time to say my name, much more my nick name."

I heard him chuckle and nodded.

"Lucky you." he said

"There are perks." I said making a face, and he laughed again.

Suddenly we head a laughter from the entrance of the kitchen, we looked up and saw the boys with Anna, who was gawking at us, while the boys were glaring.

"Anna, I've been looking everywhere for you." I said and stepped down the stool and twirled, "Great choice, I must say."

Anna looked down at my clothes and gave me a look, "I didn't..." then she glanced at Eric and as if an idea popped in her mind she smiled, "say you should wear the coat now. I mean isn't it too hot-"

"Leave it on." Siam and Liam said.

"Whatever." I said and picked up my bag, "Anyway, we should go Anna."

"You aren't riding with us?" Liam asked

I gave him a look, "Do I seriously have to answer that?" he shrugged and rolled his eyes. Then I turned to Eric with a smile, "Well, I'll see you after school?"

"Actually," he stood up, "I'll be going to school with you, so maybe I can give you  ladies a ride?"

"Why are you even enrolled in our school?" Jake asked.

"My mom's a bit crazy about studies, and seeing we'll be staying until Serenity-"

"That's princess to you." Aaron said.

"Serenity is fine" I said. "So why are you going to school with us again?"

"Yeah, basically its my mom's idea and only until we leave in case I'm one of the unfortunate suitors for the Princess." He says glancing at Jake.

"Hm, cool." Anna said, "A new face on our very small group."

I turned to the boys and smirked, "And seems to be getting smaller."

"Sissy..." Liam whined, "Stop being so stubborn."

"I'd stop being stubborn if you stop it with the whores." I said.

"Again, that is nature you are fighting against." Jake said. "Your dad says so himself."

"So that's why..." Eric said

"See? Even your new boy here thinks the same." Siam snapped.

I rasied a brow at Eric.

"Uhm, sorry Alpha Siam, but its not that I agree on the action." He said, "I mean I know it is natural, I am an Alpha-to-be too. But then again, I think its your prerogative to act upon the urge."

I smiled and patted Eric on the head who rolled his eyes.


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