Daughter Of The Moon

Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, this was for a reason.

Being the she wolf born under the Alpha king she is the so called Daughter of the Moon, the shifter who has the power to call on other shifters, distance was not a question. It is in their blood to answer to her, the flesh and blood of their deity. It had been a century since there was one, and that didn't end good and her father and brother refuses to have a repeat of that.

But what if the fates have a different plan? Somewhere between the search for her mate, she is taken as a captive by the hunters who plans to use her powers. What will become of the pack and not to mention their kind?




6. Oh Joys Of Joys

The guards hurriedly open the doors that I storm into the boys still on my heels.

"Serenity, stop this now." I hear Siam say.

"You are not the boss of me Siam," I said, "Not yet."

"Well, I am still your big brother, I deserve a little time to explain-"

"No." I snapped and faced them. "Brother or not you just prove that every male alpha can be just-" I poke him on the chest, "like-" poke him again, "you! And I'm condemned to love and live with someone like that!"

"Serenity you know that isn't the case." He said, "Not once you are mated."

"That won't change what you were." I said.

"Is the past so important that you will sacrifice your future?" he argued.

"Well, If the past isn't so important then maybe you don't mind that your mates-" I glared at all of them, "had a rendezvoused with someone else before you then!"

I heard them growl at the thought, but I stood my ground. I wouldn't be intimidated by hormone hyped boys.

"Growling at my daughter," we all turned to the voice, "this must be serious then."

I instantly lit up and ran to the speaker.

"Daddy!" I squealed and ran up to him throwing my arms around his neck.

He laughed as he picked me up and twirled me around. "My goodness, you've grown since I last saw you."

I giggled and moved away, "That was just two month's ago daddy."

"Too long for an old man." He said as he gave my nose a light tap like he always did when I as younger. Then he set me back on my feet and we faced the boys, his arms over my shoulder, protectively.

This may be my brother and best friends, but then again, if there was anyone who can be unstable right now, it would be unmated teenagers.

"So, would someone please tell me what's going on that I was welcomed home by your bickering?" he asked

We all talked at the same time, arguing and shouting more in the process. Then father whistled making me cringe a bit, I hated the sound of it, for some reason it hurts my ears.

He gave me an apologetic smile and then turned to the boys.

"Now from what I've caught with all that shouting, I'm guessing you boys got into some girl problems?"

"No." Jake says, "We were doing pretty well, until Serenity had to go all alpha goddess on them."

My dad raided a brow at me, "Well they were being stupid, seriously dad. Its so unfair that female shifters have to dumbly wait for them to find their mates and save their purity for them, while  the male population fun amuck from one pants to another."

My dad chuckled, "I am part of that male population, princess." He reminded me making me blush, "And you know how these things work, love. Male shifters are in need of this attention and touches."

"No." I said, crossing my arms over my chest, "I will not believe that-that is the case . Not  if I have a say on it."

"Just like you have in everything." Siam pointed out. "Look Serenity, this is the natural order of things, this is nature you are trying to alter."

"I'm not altering anything, I'm simply trying to be fair."

"Fine, then go flirt with every boy you meet." Siam dared.

I widened my eyes at him stepped up, "I would if you guys stop harassing every boy who asks me out in school!"

"You can't go out with human boys, you know that Sissy." Liam says.

"And why not?" I asked, "Some of them actually have more self control and dignity left in them than boys here in the pack."

"Serenity." My father warned.

"It's true." I pointed out.

"You're just scared that you're mate would belike us." Aaron says.

I frowned, that was exactly it. He hit that on the nail. I felt anger boiling in me.

"Oh let us celebrate! Joy of joys, thank you so much for pointing that out Aaron! Now I just so respect other Alphas more that I should!" My voice oozed with sarcasm, "Yes! I am scared that he is a man whore who doesn't know how to wait and had probably screwed every female in his pack! But guess what, I don't care anymore as you all have so lovely stated that this is a losing battle!"

I stormed away again, this time up to my room. I didn't hear any of them follow, I'm thinking dad told them not to. And I'm glad they didn't cause the moment in entered the room, I threw myself on the bed and cried.

About an hour later I felt someone shifting me on my bed and tucking me in. I tried to catch scent or essence of their energy, but it was unfamiliar.

Then I felt something tough my forehead before hearing a whisper, "Good night, cherry blossom."


"Rise and shine princess!"

I groaned and snuggled deeper into my comforter.

"Get up or you'll be late for school."

"Five more minutes..." I said.


I rolled my eyes, I guess that came out as half mumble seeing I was talking underneath my comforter and pillow.

I raised my pillow a bit, "Five more minutes." "Oh no," suddenly I felt the same person pull the comforter off me, "the last time you said that we didn't go to school at all that day."

"Anna, Please, I'm not feeling good."

"Well, you are dressed already so maybe you can get that five minutes."

I frowned, dressed already? I looked down on my body and saw that I was still in the get up that Mama Ellena for for me. Then I remembered someone tucking me in bed last night, and it wasn't Siam or dad, it wasn't even Liam.

"Hey, you're up-" I looked up at my best friend, Anna, "What the hell happened to you?"


"Have you been crying?"

"Why do you-"

She rolled her eyes, "Its not everyday that I wake you up with red puffy eyes." She say down beside me as the fight between the boys and I came back, "What's going on Serenity?"

I shook my head, "I can't do this Anna." I said in almost a whisper, "this search for my mate is driving me crazy. And Liam and Siam seems to be taking the toll."

She sighed and reached for my hand, "I know it's hard and its probably so tiring having those alpha boys queuing for you, but seriously Serenity, its better this way." She said, "Can you just imagine what your dad would do if you accidentally got mated without his consent much his knowledge? He'll cause war that not even the heavens would have seen."

"But why do I need to find him? Why can't I just wait, let nature take its course, just like normal girls."

"What are you saying? You are as normal as it's goanna get," I gave her a look, "ok, so maybe not as normal seeing you are a shifter, and a princess, and not to mention some epiphany of a deity, but seriously, you aren't sprouting wings or fangs are you?

I stifled a laugh and nodded.

"Just let them do what they want." She gave me a sad smile, "Its for your safety anyways."

I gave a weak nod and stared at my hand.

The reason why I was so over protected was not because I was a princess, but because of my status as the daughter of the moon. it had been centuries since there was one, for a reason too.

For alphas, it is sure that the first born will be a boy, the second one is pretty much a guessing game. Before the Alpha kings would bear sons and daughters, it was still safe then. Werewolves were rich and had their own land, no territory was crossed without giving respect to the pack, this goes for human or shifters.

You can say that there was a time when we actually live in peace with the humans, well until the arrival of the cursed ones, or more popularly know as campfires. They battled for lands and territories, seeing the ancestors never had problems with them, they saw them as the threat. But we can't say the same for vampires.

The soon came and dwell with the humans, bearing lies and tall tales of us killing and murdering humans families. That was when it all began. We became a sport. Humans began killing shifters, not wanting to cause more problems, we had to be divided into packs, living away from each other, connected only by our mind links.

We resorted into hiding, living with humans, but son news would follow and hunting will begin again. Many died, even innocent humans. The ancestors use to keep track of the deaths, especially of the humans, but with the appearance of the Hunters, records were lost, maybe even hard to keep track.

Every Year, we would be praying for those innocent lives taken, while we ask for more understanding towards the cursed ones.

But no matter how many deaths there was the one that had hurt my kind the most was the death of the last Daughter of the Moon. She was about the same age as I am now,, she along with her family were moving to a sager land. Every pack hey came across with gave them the rightful welcome, at the same time introducing the next alpha to her, in hopes that she would be mated soon. for only then would she be able to fulfill her duty and at the same time protect her self and shifters alike.



so as my own POV on the mater of female shifters waiting and not the men and what im about to say go's out to all the books out there were it applies... How can you ask that as a guy for your mate to wait for you when you are sleeping with other girls depriving there true mates of that gift that was meant for them! like really look at it like this you and your best bro both want pure mates and go to different parties that night. you both sleep with a girl that night and then come to find our it was each others mate like really your taking what you from girls what you want your girl to keep. gezz!!! that's just my POV on the hole only girls a have to wait thing will my fingers are numb from trying there's a lot of mistakes in this A/N so ya bye.

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