Daughter Of The Moon

Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, this was for a reason.

Being the she wolf born under the Alpha king she is the so called Daughter of the Moon, the shifter who has the power to call on other shifters, distance was not a question. It is in their blood to answer to her, the flesh and blood of their deity. It had been a century since there was one, and that didn't end good and her father and brother refuses to have a repeat of that.

But what if the fates have a different plan? Somewhere between the search for her mate, she is taken as a captive by the hunters who plans to use her powers. What will become of the pack and not to mention their kind?




23. History Isn't Always Old


"Serenity?" I turned around and to my surprise Eric was there behind him was Anna.


"Where are we?" Anna asked.


I looked around again, "We're in a memory."


"That is right." I followed the familiar vice and the owner appeared a few meters away from us. Anna gasped at the sight of her, and I knew i had the same surprised look on my face.

For the girl who stood in front of us, looked exactly like me only with jet black hair.


"Who are you?" Eric asked, stepping up, pulling me near him.


"I am the soul that saved you, young Alpha." She said.


"Saved me?" Eric asked


"If you were able to kill that hunter, I would have been rightfully yours." she said as she walked up to us, "but seeing the princess stopped the fight and her brother was the one who freed me, I am in debt  to him. Well until he decided to give me up to save you."


"He did that?"


"Knowing that he'll lose the new gained power and strength?" she says, "He did, and it wasn't just because Serenity asked him, oh no." she turned to me again, "I told you, your brother had a pure heart, one which is no longer easy to find." She paused, "But then again, the case is different to you, you may have been caged and protected, but your judgment is as cunning as every daughter of the moon had."


"You look exactly like me..." I said.


"Well, we are one, aren't we?"


I gave her a question look, "That's what the hunter said. I don't know what he means..."


"Serenity," she's says, "I am Josephine, I was suppose to be the last daughter of the moon."


We all stared at her, gawking.


"But, you were.... I can't...what.....how?" I stuttered.


But to my surprise she stifled a laugh. "Calm down young one, I'll explain to you.' then she have us a serious look, "But you will have to see my death, that is where all this began."


'Your death?" Eric asked.


"Follow me." she said an turned around.

I tool Eric's hand on one side, and Anna on the other. I held them close fearing of what I was about to see.


"You know the healing ability of our blood, don't you?" we heard her ask.


"Yes." We said in unison.


"Well, there is more to it.' She said. "If one drinks too much he may gain invincibility to pain and even near immortally. That hunter whom you brother had killed had Rhaoul Smitheson. He came from a long line of werewolves and vampire hunters. He was the one who headed my abduction and murder."

We finally reached a clearing and saw a man hovering over something on the ground.


"He heard of the healing powers of our blood. It was his first intention, until he realized the potential of having me, but like you Serenity, I was too stubborn. I would not tell him anything, he started the torture, and the rape-" I caught her look down the path we were taking, as the man raised a dagger and brought it down strong and hard, we heard a whimper come from what the man in the clearing stabbed.


"When he was done and i was at the brink of death, he took the dagger and carved out my heart and drank my blood, with it, he drank my wolf's soul. Leaving my physical human body dead, he took my wolf and had been killing many wolves, men, and even more women. He didn't care. He became a rogue  hunter, buy the others had heard of what he did and tried to kill him, but to no avail, it was natural instinct that i protect myself and that meant protecting him as well."

The man finally stood and left. The moment he did, i wished he didn't. The sight that he had left was gruesome beyond explanation, something that not even the best movies or show can copy.


"Why did you bring us here?" Eric demanded, anger clearly present in his voice. I can feel Anna shaking beside me, but she stayed strong. Enough to wrap her arms around me from behind assuring me she was there, no matter what.


"Being the Daughter of the Moon and your ability's are no longer the only thing they want from you Serenity." She said, "they will be wanting your blood too. To heal them selves, and once that they have taken care of all the wolves and had killed every one of them, they will take their wolf's soul and then attack the vampires." She then paused, "The beings who had began all this."


"Bring us home." Eric says.



"Please Josephine..." I pleaded, refusing to look up. "please, I don't want this anymore."


"I'm sorry, I didn't know it would scare you this much princess..." she said as i felt a warmer and more calm wind that surrounded me.


I wish I have given you the answer you needed, Serenity...


"Why... why did he want my blood and soul if he already had yours?


Because the moment that you have turned 18, I will just be but a memory, all the daughters of the moon had shared one soul alone, it is passed on to every daughter on her 18th birthday.


"But he's done now, isn't he?" I said.


HE may have gone rogue, but everyone knew him. He is almost immortal like life. They know what happened. They will want your life and blood as well.


A flash of the image of Josephine's dead body, the dead face we shared. I leaned closer to Eric who was now sitting up, his arms around me.


You cannot let them kill you Serenity. The moment that happens, and the lucky monster takes your life, then he will be more powerful than Rhaoul, you are as of now the last daughter of the moon, or at least you or your brother's mate produces a daughter that will be chosen by the goddess.


We were listening to her through our mind link and I felt Eric's hold on me tighten.


Protect her well, young Alpha it will be a long road for us, but I promise to give the little power I have left to your wolf.

"Thank you." Eric says.


And you, young miss, your presence calms her down. You are her source of strength. Never leave her side, unless necessary.

"I won't my lady." Anna says.


Very well, I have given you answers you seek. She said I will be with you but only until your birthday, after that, you will have to rely on your ability to see through our past.


"Thank you, Josephine." She smiled at me.

It is my honor, Serenity, my honor. With that said she disappeared back to Eric, who sighed and looked down at me.


"Are you ok?" then I remembered Josephine's eyes and i had to look away and closed my eyes, fighting off the memory. "It will be ok Serenity. I'm here...we're here..."


"I know..." I whispered, "but i don't want you in trouble-"


"We've been through this Serenity." Anna whined, "I'm only leaving if my mate forces me to, I know I said best friend forever, but  I don't think anyone can say no to a mate."


Eric and i stifled a laugh, when someone barged into the door. We all looked up and saw father.


"Serenity." He called, stern, no worry or care. It was a cold voice.


"Dad, what's wrong?" I asked.


"Anna, take Serenity to her room." he said


"But mom said-"


"Go to your room and stay there Serenity." He said.


"Dad, I don't think I understand." I said.


"You aren't allowed to see young Alpha Johansen until your birthday."


"What?" I asked, this time standing up. "You can't do that."


"I can and I am." He walked up to me and grabbed me by the wrist.


"Serenity!" I hear Eric call out, but my father tossed me toward my brother and growled at him.


"You will stay away form my daughter until the day of her birthday." He repeated.


Eric glared at him, not backing down. This could get him in more trouble, it was different if you challenge an alpha, what more if it was the alpha king? The alpha king who is going crazy protecting his daughter.


"Is this how you repay the man who saved your daughter's life?" I spat, struggling out of Siam's hold.


"I don't care!" he shouted, "This will stoop now, the other Alphas are furious, and i can't have a coup staring while a bunch of hunter are probably out there looking for you."


"Then let them come!" I snapped, "I no longer give a damn! They have ruined my life and that had got to stop! But not like this..."


He stared at me, there was something in his eyes, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.


"Take her to her room Siam, lock her in there until I say so."


"But father.."


"GO!" he shouted, his voice trembled with alpha tone that I was pretty sure a lot of the wolves would be thinking of packing up and leaving right about now.


"Serenity let's go." Siam whispered and lead me out of the room.


But i struggled out of his hold and glared at father. "I swear if you hurt him, or as much as glare at him, I will condemn you to a place that no man had ever even walked on."


"Serenity..." I heard Eric say, "go, I'll be fine."


I didn't take my eyes off of my father, it was hard to walk away from Eric, but he asked me to. His eyes were pleading.


"I hate you." I sneered at father and I ran out of the room and to my bed room slamming the door in Siam's face.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End Of Flashback~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


And here I am, sitting in my dark room, waiting for nothing.


My hear longing for Eric, I know he was the only one who can take away the cold and the pain. I had wrapped myself in three thick wool blankets, but the cold was still there. As for the pain, I didn't really know how to deal with that.


And it was all because father wanted to protect me, he needed all his Alpha friends to do so.


Not knowing the pain he was inflicting in me.


A knock came and broke my thoughts, Siam stepped inside and sat beside me.


"You ok?" he asked

"If I say no, would you let me out?" I asked.


"I don't even think the goddess tone of yours will give me the guts to do that seeing how furious father is right now." he sighed, "You really did it this time Serenity. You drove him to the wall."


"He deserved it." I mumbled, pushing away the guilt feeling that was creeping in.

"Dose he really?" he asked, "Does he really deserve to hear that you hate him?"


I sighed, "He knows I didn't mean it, not much anyway."


"What's going on Serenity? Why are you acting like this?"


I turned to him and looked him straight in the eyes. "Because i'm cold and in pain, that's why! He ruined what was probably the best moment in my life! He took away the only man who cant take me away from here!"


That being said, Siam's eyes widened, "He's your..." I looked away and nodded. "But you haven't shifted, you wouldn't know-"


"The bond is strong and present." I said. "The pull, the need...everything they said about it is true. And it isn't scary at all, like we thought it was. In fact, it makes things look better, your perspective clearer, your future more possible."


Siam remained silent so I continued my pity party and voiced it out.


"Unfortunately, the pain is a s real as the satisfaction and happiness. The space of being taken away from the person that completes you is painful, think how much more painful it is knowing he is just knowing he is just a few rooms away yet you are forbidden to see him."


My eyes were again the host to these unwanted tears.


"Those Alphas are selfish," I said, "what if I don't choose any of their sons? Will they never respond to father's bidding?"


"Serenity," Sam finally snapped out of his thoughts and took my hand, "Seeing I haven't met my mate yet, I can't emphatize with you, not yet. But do remember, that we govern over our kind. And to govern does not just mean power over them, it also means to protect and serve them. Which is what father is doing.


" In exchange of my happiness?" I asked. "How is that fair?"


Siam then sighed and hugged her, "If you are so sure that it is Eric, then we'll see on your birthday, prove father and all those selfish alphas wrong." he then tousled my hair, "And don't forget to tell father you didn't mean what he said, I swear to you he's going crazy. He just gave orders to a fly to leave him alone."


I stifled a laugh and nodded, "You can tell him ahead, and then I'll just tell him when im ready to talk to him."


He nodded and stood up. "Get some sleep now princess." He said, "And just be a little more patient, everything will work out fine."


After that he left. While I sat in the middle of the room, be now, the moon's light had hit me, I looked up at her.

"Mother Luna, please, enlighten my father's thoughts and watch Eric while he sleeps. Let him know that I am watching over him."



sorry for the supper late  update, but life go's on and I update when I up date. hope you guys are still reading.




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