Daughter Of The Moon

Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, this was for a reason.

Being the she wolf born under the Alpha king she is the so called Daughter of the Moon, the shifter who has the power to call on other shifters, distance was not a question. It is in their blood to answer to her, the flesh and blood of their deity. It had been a century since there was one, and that didn't end good and her father and brother refuses to have a repeat of that.

But what if the fates have a different plan? Somewhere between the search for her mate, she is taken as a captive by the hunters who plans to use her powers. What will become of the pack and not to mention their kind?




1. Hide and Seek

I ran through the trees quietly in need to escape and hide. covered with mud and leaves, I look for a hiding place. Luckily I found a small hole on the ground at the foot of a tree its roots hiding the hole, i quickly crawled into the small crack and leaned and leaned on the wall of the hole, I could feel my heart thumping fast, soon enough the similar sound of padding feet broke the silence, I held my breath to make my scent disappear.


I covered my mouth just to e sure as the sound of running slowed down, I squinted to peek through the hole I came from and saw three wolves just a few meters away. One was on top of a rock looking around, one was sniffing the ground searching for my scent, the other was not moving.


Listen all you want, Liam, I thought, you'll never find me.


A few more seconds they ran off, giving up on the area. I waited for a few a minute or two before I slowly released my breath. I leaned back and rested for a few seconds, I needed to get a move on and find a new hiding place.


Not having my wolf sucks. I thought as i crawled out again.


The moment I was out, I froze hearing a growl behind me. I quickly turned and saw a real wolf snarling at me. I glanced at where i just crawled out.

"I'm guessing that's your house?" I murmured, getting cheeky with the wild beast in front of me. I maybe in danger, but I think i'd rather face the animal than be caught.


Unlike actual shifters, real wolves are a bit more wild. Seeing they lack the social graces of humans. And right now, this female is getting territorial.


"there wasn't anything to steal, so no worries." I said taking a step back, she crouched to an attack stance. I frowned, I didn't want to be all alpha blood, but I don't think my dad would like the idea that I was gnawed to death and became a chew toy.


"Back down," I commanded, my voice rang through the air, all bossy and alpha. She snarled again, lowering her stance. "I said back down, dog." I snarled


she moves back this time, not relaxing her stance but she backed down a little. I rolled my eyes, I should have commanded it to relax, then back down and leave.


"Let me leave in peace," And whole, I wanted to add, "My apologies for intruding." I stepped back again, when I suddenly hear familiar padding of paws toward me causing me to groan internally.


Stop. I said through our mind link, I can't have you going all ninja and getting her angrier than she already is.


Who is it Serenity? I hear Liam ask.

A shewolf, I said backing away, not taking away my eyes from the wolf in front of  me, I'm ok just don't-

Serenity?! I hear another set of paws coming from behind the tree ans saw my brother appear.


I whined, Siam am-


He gave me a once over and then he turned to the she wolf who was now angrier than ever. He snarled back at her, making her move back a bit but she kept her ground.


"Siam." I called for my brother, "We're on Her territory."

What are you talking about, this is our land-


"She isn't a shifter," I rolled my eyes, "so just back away, she was already letting me go with just a warning and a growl."


Hearing that he snarled and stepped closer to the wolf in his full height and glory.


Shifter or not she is not listening to you. he said, that's still punishable.


My over protective brother, the Show off. I thought.


I heard that. He said glaring at me.


"Then step back, this is her home and it is not in our position to take it from her." I said.


I can see that Siam was thinking about this and with a last warning from Siam, the she wolf moved back and eased up, she game me a once over and jumped down in front of me, she kept her eyes on mine, until Siam growled again. With that she turned and entered her burrow.


I sighed, relief. I looked up at my brother who was now moving toward me.

Are you ok? He asked.


"Yeah, just surprised." I said. Then we heard a foot steps coming toward us and our friends appeared behind me.

What were you thinking leaving her Liam? Siam snapped.

Well, we were playing hide and seek, we can't really seek her if we help her look for a hiding place, can we?

Siam snarled at him.

"Brother, calm down." I said, running my hand by his neck. "I made them play," I grinned, "I practically just proven that I didn't need to be a wolf to hide my sent form them."


That she wolf's scent messed with your scent, you didn't prove anything. Aaron said.


"Yeah, so that's why the score is what? 4-1?" I teased some more.


My brother chuckled in our mind links, Seriously? 4-1?

Shut up... I heard Jake whine.

Usually a statement like this to your future alpha would cause you instant death, but we knew better. these boys had been our friends since we were young, Siam teasing them wasn't new at all, and so were there witty or sarcastic comebacks.

Anyway, we should go. Siam says, we have visitors.


I frowned seeing he turned to leave, avoiding a response from me. Of course anyone in their right mind would avoid a whining teen age girl.


"Again?" I asked.


Is this for the pack or for Serenity again? Liam asked.

Both. Siam answered, not looking back.


"But dad's not home."


Doesn't mean we can't welcome visitors. Siam says, they're here for the party.

Aren't they a little too early?  Jake asked.

You know father. Siam says with a sigh. Anyway, we should go, father would want me to welcome the guests.


"GUESTS!?" I snapped, "Now there are guestssssss?!?!" I walked up to my brother who was staring at me, "what are they gremlins that multiply when they get wet?!"


The boys snickered and Siam gave them a look that shut them up.

Serenity, Please calm down. He said, you are about to turn 18. The same night that your wolf will appear and find you your mate. And as the princess, father needs to meet and assess him-


"and if he doesn't pass I'll die an old maid?!" I groaned.


You know that won't happen. Siam says, still as patient. Please, Let's just get through your birthday. If you find him there then good, if not, well...

"Well what Siam?" I dared him.


I knew what my brother was capable of when it came to guys and me. He would go all alpha GI Joe probably even Rambofy himself and scare the life out of the boy. This is a proven fact.


Better. He said with authority, of course he wouldn't be intimidated by me. But there was one thing that he wouldn't be able to stand. Me angry.


I rolled my eyes and waked back to Liam's side.


"Leave me alone Siam, please!" I snapped

He shrugged and walked off. Jake  and Aaron followed Siam without question. I threw my head back and whined. "Kill me now Liam, Please?"


I heard him chuckle and he nudged me to move. Don't be so mellow dramatic, Sissy.


I grinned hearing his nickname for me. He is my best friend and the son of my dad's beta and best friend. Basically the only guy who is not blood related that my family trusts.


"Why can't you just be my mate?" I whined again.


Please, that wouldn't be right.  He said. Can you just imagine us being mates?

We looked at each other.


"Eew..." I said, as I heard him say the same thing in our mind link, making us laugh. I reached for a hand full of his fur and ran my hand through it.


"I'm just so sick of this," I said, "I feel like a piece of meat that everyone is allowed to make contact with to test if I work or not."


Serenity, you know why your dad is doing this, right? He asked.

"I know," I stomped one foot on the ground, "but seriously, could he be any more excited about giving me away?"


Liam chuckles again, he isn't giving you away. He said, he's-


"Protecting me, I know, I get it." I sighed, "Still, I think it would be nice to wait and let nature take its course. It's not as if I have a lot of choice on who my mate would be. I mean, how many pure alphas are there left, right?"


Quite a lot still if we are talking about the whole world. He pointed out. We may be the only royal family, but we aren't the only pure blood.



The real authors name is in the description and can be found on wattpad but as I  know some of you guys don't have and account or don't want to. But they have a lot of good books for there are not many bad writers on wattpad and when there are they take there own work down pretty quickly or get help for improvements pretty fast.


After seeing way to many badly written books that would fail a 3 grade grammar test I have decided that I would take some of my favorite books and put them here on Movellas to improve the quality of books offered here.

this one has a really long first chapters and some others so I will be updating it in parts.


Thank you and good day!!




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