The Fall Of 2014 (The Summer Of 2014 sequel)

Bella made it big, she still remembers her summer love, Harry Styles. Bella is doing concerts, talk shows, everything! But when she see's Harry for the first time again since summer, will they fall inlove all over again? This is only the beginning to a whole new start... (Sequel to, The Summer Of 2014)


4. 3. Taylor's Party

Bella's p.o.v

"Come on Bella!" Taylor rushed, I just finished putting my make up on for the party. "Okay, I gotta go to the mall first I invited... Err, Harry and the boys..." I said quietly. Taylor sighed, "That's okay, it's your party to Bella," she said, I always loved how Taylor understood everything. "Okay, see you at 5:30?" I asked, she smiled, nodded, waved. I smile and waved back. Emma was already in the car. I rushed down to the lobby and to the car,

"You ready?" Emma asked smiling, I nodded and put my seat belt on, we started driving towards the mall, "Damn paps!" Emma screamed as a flash came from the side of our car, I giggled. She flipped the paps off. "EMMA!?!?!?" I screamed, she laughed. "Relax it was my index finger," she said, I sighed and relaxed a little but more, we arrived at the mall, I saw the famous Black Rover parked outside with Harry and the boys sitting in the front seat. I got out of the car and so did Harry. I walked over to his car. "Are the boys in there?" I asked. He nodded. "Okay well you can follow us we're heading straight there so..." He smiled and nodded again. This is weird normally he's loud, laughing, cheeky and annoying...


We pulled up at the party and saw paps EVERYWHERE. I heard Emma sigh. "Relax Em, just ignore them." I said. She smiled and nodded. We got out and started walking up to the... I think some kind of like, I'm not exactly sure.. We walked inside after about 1,000 pictures. I heard Harry and the boys struggling to get away from the paps behind us while I laughed a little. I walked inside and saw Taylor talking to Ed. I looked around and my heart stopped when my eyes locked with dark brown ones. I can't believe it. She's here!? She actually had the damn guts to show up!? She walked over to me and smiled. "Congrats on getting famous!" She snapped. I sighed. "Thanks Kendall." I sassed back. She rolled her eyes..


"Hey, I'll be right back!" I said to Selena. She nodded and continued her conversation with Austin. I walked down the hall and to the girls bathroom. I walked in and heard moaning. Really!? In a bathroom? How nice... "Harry." I heard someone moan. That stopped me dead in my tracks. I knew that voice.. I rushed out of the bathroom slamming the door behind me. Tears must have been streaming down my face because Selena, Austin, Emma, and Taylor saw me and rushed over in a heartbeat. "No! Not again please tell me-" she was cut off when I saw Kendall pass by me fixing her dress, Harry close behind. I broke down. Right then and there. Tears were streaming down my face uncontrollably. Harry turned and saw me and rushed over.

"What happened!?" He asked trying to get to me but Austin wouldn't let him. Selena and Taylor walked me out to the car and Emma followed close behind. We got to the car and all the girls got in. We drove to me, Taylor, and Emma's hotel. The girls helped me out and into the hotel and to our room. I walked over to the bed and sat down. They all stared at me waiting for an answer on my brake down. I told them everything... How he kissed Kendall back at the hotel in summer how he left me how he asked me back out and then what happened in the bathroom. They stared at me wide eyed. Emma was about to say something until Austin bursted into the room. He ran over to me and hugged me so tight that I couldn't breath. I hugged him back and sobbed into his shoulder. Selena, Taylor, and Emma left and went into Taylor's room. I could always count on Austin. He loved me in the bestest best friend way...

A/N: Okay so I'm gonna continue the story! :D Updates might be slow. Thank you for all the comments! I love reading them so much! It makes me so happy you guys like it! :) Oh! Except a plot twist soon... ;) Follow me on Twitter please :) @Alana_Goolsby

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