The Fall Of 2014 (The Summer Of 2014 sequel)

Bella made it big, she still remembers her summer love, Harry Styles. Bella is doing concerts, talk shows, everything! But when she see's Harry for the first time again since summer, will they fall inlove all over again? This is only the beginning to a whole new start... (Sequel to, The Summer Of 2014)


1. 1. Here We Go Again

Bella's p.o.v

Me and Taylor just finished our last concert until 10/3/14 which was about 2 almost 3 weeks away, I walked up to Taylor and Emma. Yes, I brought Emma with me. Emma had a evilish grin on her face. I raised my eyebrows, and she laughed. She raised up 2 tickets and passes in front of my face, I looked closer. One Direction concert tickets with back stage passes. I shook my head. "No, no, no," I said. She laughed. "Please? Just like old times!?" I sighed and mumbled 'fine' she smiled, "It's in an hour," she said. I nodded and told Taylor I'd meet her back at the hotel, she nodded as Emma practically dragged me out the door, "Wait Emma! I wanna sign stuff for the fans they've been here all day!" I said as I walked over to a huge crowd of fans,


We spent about 15 minutes signing stuff, we took a taxi to the concert and arrived just in time, we rushed to our seats (Front Row) and waited for them to come on, after what seemed like forever they came on stage singing Up All Night, me and Emma danced our hearts out. People started to recognize us and took videos and pictures, but honestly I'm to glam to give a damn! I looked at Harry as his eyes scanned the crowd in his solo and they stopped on me. He stopped singing in the middle of the song as the music went on, He rushed off stage, Niall glanced in my direction saw me and his mouth dropped. I waved awkwardly, Niall did Harry's solos because Harry hadn't come back in stage,


The concert ended and we rushed back stage, we showed them our passes and let us through, I saw the boys and screamed and hugged them, they smiled and we small talked a little until I finally spoke up, "Where's Harry?" I asked. Niall pointed to a room down the hall. I nodded and walked to the room. I put my hand on the cold door handle, I opened the door and saw Harry look up at me, I smiled and waved, "Oh my gosh!!! AHHHHHH it's Harry Styles! I'm such a big fan! Can you sign my forehead?!" He chuckled, and I giggled a little. "Hi, Bella." He sighed. "Oh so just a "Hi, Bella." Is all I get?" I asked. He smiled, "Harry, I miss you..." I sighed, he looked up at me, a smile appeared on his lips and he slowly brought them to mine, he kissed me softly, yet electricity rushed through the kiss.

A/N: Short I know but I rushed this one just so you guys could have at least 1 chapter for this book!

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