Kiddnaped by monsters! (Vampire 1D)

What happens when someone decides that want you so bad that they don't want any body else to have you! What if they Kiddnaped you how would you feel? Well this character has mixed feelings for this monster find out more in the book! 1D fanic! What if u were kidnaped by 5 vampires?


1. chapter 1 ( meeting my match )

Taylor's pov

Walking down the cold winter street I shivered. The sound of snowflakes falling was quiet but spine chilling. Almost home a crunch of snow came from behind me! Shivering more I cautiously walked. Finally I got to my house and no one was following me. maybe I am just paranoid? Quickly I started to drift off to sleep in my comfortable bed.

( next day )

I woke up to a huge bang? Suddenly foot steps sounded up the stairs. I pretended to be asleep to see if there really was someone? Someone's breath was on my neck. "Wake up princess" the person whispered in my ear. I looked at the guy and realized it was zayn freeking Malik!! "Ur zayn!" He smiled. "Night luv" I gave him a confused look ? Suddenly everything went black………………….

Comment ideas and if u want to be a character in it u can be anything from vampires to witches? Doesn't matter. Comment a name and what ur character looks like and if they die or live and if they are dating Simone!

Have fun reading my stories

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