Baby Tomlinson

Natalie Ann Tomlinson. The daughter of Louis and me. I was 1 week pregnant when Louis left to go on tour. I tried many times to tell him but there was always an interruption. I even tried to tell him while he was on tour. I can't handle a daughter on my own for almost a whole year. I'm glad he hasn't left me yet. (Sexual scenes, swearing)


3. Chapter 3

~~Danielle P.O.V

"Look, Dani, I really have to go" Louis growled. I guess he didn't hear me. "Look, you can't just leave Eleanor, Louis" I said. "Why fucking not?" he asked, "She doesn't want a child." I can't believe he said that. "Louis, I-I.." I started. "No Dani, El's not the girl for me anymore, she needs to find someone who doesn't want to be a father and have a life with her" Louis said, "Listen, I've got a date in three minutes, I really have to go" his voice echoed my mind. "Fine, don't care about her" I sighed and hung up on him. I could hear El's sobs. She really loved him. I walked back into the living room and sat next to El. "Hun, I'm pretty sure he'll come back to you" I reassured her. She shook her head. "When we were first dating, I told him I didn't want a child and by the look on his face, you could tell he was disappointed," she sobbed, "Over the years, I realized, I wanted a baby as badly as he did, but now since I'm pregnant, he decides to leave me." She sobbed on my shoulder and I patted her back. "El, if Louis won't be a father figure in his own daughters life, Perrie and I will be two extra mother figures for her" I said, "More a father than Louis will ever be" I mumbled that part to myself. She sat up and wiped her eyes. "You really think so?" she asked. "I know so" I replied.
Eleanor P.O.V
I smiled at Dani. She was willing to help take care of me. I know Perrie will be fine with it. "SHIT!!" I yelled. I better not be dreaming this time. "Oh god" Dani said and helped me off the couch. I inhaled and exhaled as slow and deeply as I could. She placed me in her car and dialed 911. "Yes, I'm on my way to St. Banch Hospital, I have a woman who's in labor." She paused. "I wanted to make an appointment with Dr. Marshall" she said. "Mhmm" she replied, nodding her head and speeding down the road at the same time."Eleanor Calder and I'm Danielle Peazer." She paused. "Thank you so much" she said and hung up. She dialed, I think, Perrie. "Hey Pezz, El's in labor" she said, while pulling up into the hospital emergenacy parking lot. "Yeah, just meet me in St. Banch Hospital." She paused. "Okay, see you in ten" she said as we rushed into the hospital. She marched up to the front counter. "I made an appointment for Eleanor Calder" she said, panting. "Oh yes, room 301" the lady said, "Do you want us to take her?" Dani nodded and sat in a blue chair in the waiting room. The lady quickly grabbed a wheelchair and rushed down the hall to room 301. The lady had on a navy blue scrubs outfit. Her blonde ponytail bounced up and down as she sprinted. She looked like she was in her mid 20's. She pulled open the door and helped me up. I noticed my pants were soaked. She handed me a gown. "Put this on" she demanded nicely with a smile. I nodded, taking deep breaths as she closed a curtain and went behind it. I stripped down naked and slipped on the gown. It has been harder since you know, I'm pregnant. "I'm finish" I said and she pulled back the curtain. She came over to me and tied the strings tightly. She helped me onto the bed. "I will be right back to give you your medication" she said and rushed out of the room, leaving me in pain.


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