Baby Tomlinson

Natalie Ann Tomlinson. The daughter of Louis and me. I was 1 week pregnant when Louis left to go on tour. I tried many times to tell him but there was always an interruption. I even tried to tell him while he was on tour. I can't handle a daughter on my own for almost a whole year. I'm glad he hasn't left me yet. (Sexual scenes, swearing)


2. Chapter 2

~Eleanor P.O.V

"No problem" Dani said, walking in the kitchen. "Cheesy right?" Dani asked. "Yeah" I said. I feel wet all over. I look down at my jeans. Shit, my water broke. "DANI!!!" I yelled. Dani ran in. "FUCK!!" She yelled. "C'mon" she said, grabbing my hand and helping me off the couch. "SHIT!!" I yelled, hugging my stomach. Dani opened the door and helped me to her car. I dug my phone out of my pocket and tossed it next to me, taking slow, deep breaths. Dani starts the car quickly and calls Perrie. "Hey, Perrie, El's in labor" Dani said, speeding out of the driveway. "Just hurry" Dani said, hanging up the phone. "Hang in there El" Dani said. "FUCK NO!!!" I shouted. I was in pain. She turned the corner quickly and stopped the car. I am so fucking thankful for living down the block from the hospital. She helped me out of the car and slipped my phone in her pocket. We entered the hospital and Dani ran towards the counter. "SHE'S IN LABOR!!" El yelled. The woman got up and grabbed a wheel chair. I sat in it. She rushed towards a room. "DOCTOR MARSHALL!!" she yelled out the door. A doctor rushed in. I was on the bed by then. "She's in labor" The nurse said. The doctor walked towards me and crouched. "Is the father here?" he asked. I shook my head and took a deep breath. "Okay" he said, "Push" I pushed as hard as I could. I squeezed my eyes shut. "PUSH!!" he yelled. "I felt someone grab my hand. I pushed and opened my eyes. "L-Louis" I asked as I saw a smiling figure in front of me. He nodded and kissed my forehead. "PUSH!!" The doctor yelled and I pushed. I heard my name being called. I opened my eyes to see Dani holding a plate of nachos on a tray. "Well, someone was sleepy" she said, setting the food in my lap. I need to tell Louis, or else something like that dream will happen. I picked up a handful of nachos and swallowed them. I was starved. A few minutes later, I chugged a coke and swallowed a whole plate of nachos. I decided to call Louis. I pulled my phone out and clicked the contact that said, "Baby." He picked up on the 4th ring. "Hey Elly" he said. "Hey Louis, I need to talk to you." I said. "Mine is important" he said. I sighed. "Go" I said. "Well, El, I don't think this is working out." My eyes widen. "What?" I asked. "El, I found someone else" he said. "But, Louis I'm-" I started. "I'm sorry El" he said and hung up. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I started sobbing. "El, are you okay?" Dani asked, walking into the room. "L-Louis dumped me" I sobbed. Dani's face went blank. "Oh, Elly" she said, sittin next to me. "And he doesn't know I'm pregnant with his daughter" I added. Dani rubbed my back. "Someone needs to tell him" she said. "He said he's found someone else" I sobbed in Dani's shoulder. "Oh, El" she said. "He can't leave you, you have his child" she said, kissing my scalp. I nodded. "I'll call him and tell him" Dani said. "No, he doesn't want to talk to me" I said, wiping my eyes which didn't help. Dani nodded. "I am going to" she said, getting off the couch. I watched her walk into the kitchen.

Dani P.O.V
I walked into the kitchen and pulled out my phone. That son of a bitch thinks he can leave El. SHE FUCKING PREGNANT!! I clicked the contact that read, "Louis." He answered on the 2nd ring. "Hello" he said. "Listen, Louis, why the fuck did you leave El?" I asked. "I left her because I want a child and I found someone new who wants one too" My face turned red in anger. "YOU MUTHA FUCKER!!" I yelled in the phone. "SHE'S FUCKING-" I started. "She's what?" Louis asked, growing angry. "Pregnant" I mumbled.

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