Baby Tomlinson

Natalie Ann Tomlinson. The daughter of Louis and me. I was 1 week pregnant when Louis left to go on tour. I tried many times to tell him but there was always an interruption. I even tried to tell him while he was on tour. I can't handle a daughter on my own for almost a whole year. I'm glad he hasn't left me yet. (Sexual scenes, swearing)


1. Chapter 1

~~Eleanor P.O.V

"Bye babe" Louis said, kissing my forehead. "Louis w-" I started. "LOUIS C'MON!!! Niall yelled. "I'll miss you" Louis said, walking towards the door. "I'll miss you too" I said. He smiled and closed the door behind him. "Louis, I'm pregnant" I said to the closed door.
I walked around with a big bulge sticking out right above the waist. I am almost 40 weeks pregnant and Louis doesn't know yet. I've tried telling him but every time I try, there's always a distraction or an interruption. I was on the phone with Louis. "Louis, listen to me" I begged. "I'm sorry baby, I have to go" Louis said, "I'll call you later." I frowned. "Okay, love you" I said but he wasn't there. I put my phone on the bed and laid on it. I took a deep breath. How am I going to tell him? My phone rang. Probably Pezz. I sat up and grabbed the phone. It showed "Pezz" in big whit letters and a picture of Perrie and I. "Hello" I said, hitting the green button. "Have you told Louis yet?" she asked. "No, there's always an interruption" I said. "Well, he should pay attention to you, for God's sakes, you're pregnant with his 39 week old baby" Perrie said. "That he doesn't even know about" I added. "Mhmm" Perrie said. "Well, I have to go, Pezz but thanks for calling though" I said. "Okay, tell me when you tell him" she said, "if not soon, call me later." "You can count on it" I said and hung up. I laid on my bed, frustrated. How the hell am I going to get Louis listen? I sat up and struggled to stand up. I finally did. I carried my phone and huge, round stomach to the kitchen. I'm craving for some nachos. I heard a knock on the door. I slipped my phone in my pocket and groaned. I wobbled towards the door. I opened it, covering my huge stomach behind it. "Hi" Dani said. "Oh hi" I said, removing my stomach from behind the door. "Wow! Natalie has gotten big" Dani said. I nodded and smiled. The only people who know are Dani. Pezz and my parents. I let Dani in and wobbled back towards the kitchen. "Oh no El, sit on the couch and I'll get you-" she starts. "Nachos" I said and she nodded. "Nachos." "Thanks" I said, plopping down onto the couch.

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