Are we still twins?

Ten years after One Direction:They still do tours,but the all have a family.Eleanor and Louis have twins,Tommy and Mackenzie(mackie)What happens when Mackie finds out a secret Eleanor has been hiding since the day the twins were born?Read and find out


2. telling Harry

I was going to tell him.I had to tell him.He was my father,and he had a right to know.I walked to his house,not bothering to tell my mum where I was going.I knocked in his door."Hey,Mackie!"Harry answered."Hey,Uncle Harry.I have to tell you something.Please don't freak out."I said."Mackenzie,you're scaring me."He said."Mum said,that a you were my father.You're my father,not Louis.I thought I should tell you."I said."Does Eleanor know you're here Mackie?"I shook my head no.He signed and told me the story.He said he knew that he was my father,he's known all along."Why didn't you guys tell me!I had the right to know!"I said,tears coming down both our faces."I'm calling you're mother,we need to discuss this."He said."I don't know if I should call you dad or Uncle Harry,so I'm just going to call you curly."I said,which made him laugh.We hung out until Mum got there.Which was awful.She wanted me to go home,but,honestly,I didn't want to.I wanted to stay here."Mackenzie Darcy Marie Tomli-"Harry interrupted her."Eleanor,her name is Mackenzie Darcy Marie STYLES!!"He said."She is my daughter,her last name is Styles,not Tomlinson."He said."No,you're her biological father.You didn't raise her,Louis did.Her last name is Tomlinson."Mum said."MY LAST NAME IS STYLES.YOU DIDN'T LET HIM RAISE ME!!THE REASON WHY IS BECAUSE YOU CHEATED ON LOUIS!!(a/n:I have nothing against Eleanor,just saying)"YOU GET IN THE CAR MACKENZIE!!"She yelled.I didn't move.She yelled again,I still didn't move.Finally,I just ran out.I didn't go home though,I went to Uncle Niall's.He and I were always close.I just needed someone other than my parents to talk to.He would listen,I knew he would.He would also feed me,which was good,because I barley ate my dinner,not after that news.

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