Are we still twins?

Ten years after One Direction:They still do tours,but the all have a family.Eleanor and Louis have twins,Tommy and Mackenzie(mackie)What happens when Mackie finds out a secret Eleanor has been hiding since the day the twins were born?Read and find out


1. finding out

Me and Tommy were hanging out.Yes,our names are Mackenzie and Tommy,but I go by Mackie,and yes we are twins.Tommy noticed my eyes and his eyes were different,and we didn't really look the same.Tommy has straight light brown hair,with blue eyes,and I have green eyes with dark curly hair.We asked our mom,Eleanor,and she just shook it off.We asked her again at dinner,so did our dad,Louis.She the told us that Dad wasn't my dad.Uncle Harry was my father."What do you mean mom?"I asked."Yes,please explain to me why my daughter resembles my best mate!?"Dad asked.Tommy looked really confused,well,actually,we all did."Look Louis,the night we conceived Tommy,I cheated on you with Harry.I felt horrible!I told Harry not to tell any one."Mom said."Ok,so let me get this straight,Dad isn't my father!"I asked."He raised you,he is you father Mackenzie."Mom said"YOU PROBABLY HAVEN'T TOLD HARRY HE'S MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER!"I yelled,which made Tommy jump."I have a question!Since we have different dads,are we still twins?"Tommy asked.I wanted to know the answer to that question myself.

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