The Reason I Live

Meadow is a normal teenage 16 yrs. old girl, or so she thought. when she was 9 her mother gave her an old gold locket and said no matter what happens to me never take off or go anywhere without this. Will Meadow listen to her mother or will find out what happens when she takes it off. read more to find out.


1. The Locket

 My name is Meadow, I'm 16 yrs. old. I thought I was just like any other regular teenage girl, but i guess that's not true. I know what your thinking what the hell is she talking about, so let me explain.

 3 days earlier

 I'm walking home from school when my cell rings. Its my mom, hey mom on my way home.

No Meadow don't come home its not safe here. she said.

what mom what's wrong, I say.

Meadow remember what I told you. she said, then the line goes dead.


Meadow I have something for you. she said. She hands me a little box with a really old gold locket. She helps me put it on and said no matter what never take this off or go anywhere without it.

Why i ask.

She said Because you could be great danger.

Ok I will never take it off i say.

This locket means whether you live or die. keep it with you always. she said. She puts it around my neck, and that's where it stays.


I run home she's not there. The house is trashed, and she gone and I don't know where to find her. I run out of the house and I bump into someone.

Are you Meadow he asks.

Why Who's asking? I ask.

I will take that as a yes. Guys grab her. he said. Someone grabs me from behind and puts a cloth over my mouth. I try so hard not to breathe but my lungs feel like they on fire. I breathe and I start to feel drowsy, everything goes dark.

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