The Caliente Affairs - Valentine's Day

This story previews events from Volume Two, focusing on what happens during Valentine's Day when Alexander Goth prepares for his first public date with the new boy in town, David Asher. Meanwhile, Lilith Pleasant arrives for a date with her twin sister's ex-boyfriend, Dustin Broke. Awkward? You could say that!


4. Too Good To Be True

Alex and David sat there in silence - although there was a quiet accompaniment of music playing in the background, so at least it wasn't an uncomfortable silence. They had each purchased their drinks separately and used them as a sort of shield to stop them from talking to one another, but now their cups were empty, and David felt a bit silly sitting next to Alex and not talking. He had to be the first to say something, he could tell Alex wasn't going to break the silence anytime soon - and it was getting dark, he needed to be home in a few minutes. He took a deep breath in and decided to tell Alex exactly what was on his mind. "I'm sorry." David said.
"Why are you sorry? I'm the one that turned out to be a lousy date." Alex replied honestly.
"Your not lousy, and I'm sorry if I made you feel like you were." David replied. "I just felt like - to be honest, I felt a little gay! And I didn't want tonight to be about that, I just wanted tonight to be normal." David offered.
"You don't think we're normal?" Alex asked, a little confused at what David was trying to say.
"No, I didn't mean it like that! I just, after what he said, it made me feel ashamed... and then I felt embarrassed, because you'd offered to kiss me and, like the complete idiot I am, I turned you down. And then I was sorry." David poured his heart out with a barefaced honesty that made Alex smile. "Sorry that I ended up making you feel the same way." David sighed as he apologised.
"Don't apologise, it was my own fault." Alex accepted as he shuffled in his seat, preparing to tell David how he felt. "Sometimes... I just look stare at you and think, 'wow, look how amazing he is', and then I try to build myself up to act how you do. Look, I'm doing it right now! I never would have told you that if you hadn't have been as honest with me as you were just now."
"Despite what you think, I am so not the expert on this," David scoffed, as Alex felt a little embarrassed for putting him on a pedestal. "But that's okay, we don't have to act any certain particular way, and I don't want you feeling like we have to prove something to the world all the time. You can come out whenever you want, or not at all, but don't use me as some sort of... 'gay template', because, believe me, there's better ones out there." David joked.
"I don't think of you as that. I wouldn't dream of getting closer to anyone else. I like you - I... really like you." Alex admitted, feeling his heart racing with a mixture of excitement and nerves. The Coffee Hutch had turned peacefully quiet - so quiet, he could hear David's breathing as he moved in closer. Just as Alex was about to do the same, he heard something else, a voice that sounded very familiar. Taking his concentration away from David for the first time since he had sat down, he looked over the veranda and was shocked to see Lilith Pleasant sitting alone almost right beneath him. Had she been spying on me, he thought. No, something's different about her. For one, she's all dressed up. And, as he listened closely, he could hear her sobbing. Was it possible she also had been on a date tonight? Alex couldn't think if Lilith had ever mentioned anyone to him, especially someone whom she liked enough to go out on a date with, unless...
By this time, David's attention had also been drawn to the lonely looking girl in the red dress. "Isn't that your friend?" He asked.
"Yeah, yeah it is." Alex replied, feeling the desperate need to go down and comfort her.
"It's okay, I need to get home anyway." David offered, sensing Alex's needs.
"But what about... walking you home and, that awkward moment on the doorstep where neither one of us wants to be the first to lean in." Alex moaned, as he felt torn between his two friends.
"Yeah, I think we've pretty much done the whole leaning scene to death!" David laughed and scooted closer to Alex.
"How about next time we try practicing the actual kissing part?" David placed his arm around Alex's shoulder. Alex felt his heart melting, as the corner's of his mouth rose up somewhere past his ears!
"Oh, o-okay!" He stuttered, starring into David's eyes. David smiled and stared back, but it wasn't long before he began to realise Alex wasn't moving.
"Alex. Your friend?" He reminded him.
"Yes her name is Lilith." Alex dreamily uttered without breaking his intense staring match. Coming to his senses, Alex finally moved, "Oh yeah, okay! See you later." Alex waved, as he slowly walked off, still unable to take his eyes away from David.

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