The Caliente Affairs - Valentine's Day

This story previews events from Volume Two, focusing on what happens during Valentine's Day when Alexander Goth prepares for his first public date with the new boy in town, David Asher. Meanwhile, Lilith Pleasant arrives for a date with her twin sister's ex-boyfriend, Dustin Broke. Awkward? You could say that!


6. The Truth of The Matter

Alex quietly crept inside his house at a quarter-to eleven, losing all track of time after seeing Lilith. He thought he had gotten away with it - until he saw Dina sat in the chair, waiting for him. "You didn't have to wait up for me." He tried to joke.
"I don't find that funny, Alex. I let you stay out tonight because I trusted you, and you repay me by staying out all night?" Dina sighed, and stood up.
"I'm sorry, but I was with Lilith and she really needed..." Alex tried to explain but Dina put her hands up to stop him.
"Don't lie to me, Alex, I know exactly who you were with tonight." Dina confessed.
"No, you don't understand, I saw Lilith and she had just broken up - well, they hadn't broken up but..."
"Alex, I told you I trusted you, but how do you think it makes me feel when you don't trust me enough to tell me who you were really out with tonight." Dina said, confused at what Alex was trying to tell her.
"But I really was with Lilith!" Alex announced as honestly as he could, but he knew with all the lying he'd been doing lately that it was hard to know when he was telling the truth anymore.
"Lilith?" Dina asked, letting Alex have one more opportunity to tell her.
"Well, not at first." Alex started quietly. Dina sighed and shook her head.
"I thought we could trust each other, but I guess I was wrong."
"I was with..." Alex trailed off again. He sensed she wasn't about to give up and let him go to bed - so with a heavy pause, Alex finally spoke. "David."
"Is that who you were out on a date with tonight?" Dina gently asked, knowing that it was probably embarrassing for Alex to admit it to her.
"Yes." Alex mumbled, a little worried about what Dina would think.
"And how long have you been seeing each other?"
"Well, technically we're not..." Alex started, but a cough from Dina made him rethink his sentence. "About a month, just coming up to one month." He corrected. Alex felt his heart jumping out of his chest - he had just come out to his step-mother!
"Was that so hard?" Dina offered with a loving smile on her face that made Alex feel a little calmer.
"I guess not." He shrugged, desperately wanting to finish their awkward conversation and retreat into his bedroom.
"I told you, you could trust me." Dina remarked once again, hoping Alex would finally understand that she wasn't ashamed or angry and that she would always stick by him now they were family.
"Thanks." Alex accepted, as he finally found himself smiling.
Meanwhile, somebody else in Pleasantview was smiling - but it was a self-satisfied smile with a hint of, 'I knew this would happen'. Angela Pleasant was in her sister's bedroom and staring at the red dress hanging from the front of Lilith's wardrobe. She turned around and saw Lilith stumble through the door wearing a bathrobe and a towel over her head. Lilith rustled her hair and appeared from underneath the towel, sporting the same colour hair as her twin sister - their natural red hair. Shocked to see Angela, Lilith let out a high-pitched yelp and jumped back. Angela's composure remained that of someone who knew more than she was letting on. "Did you forget where your bedroom was?" Lilith sarcastically remarked.
"No, I wanted to find out where you'd been tonight... but I think I already know the answer." Angela glanced at the dress, and back at her sister. "It seems hair colour isn't the only thing we're now sharing."
"What the hell is that supposed to mean." Lilith deflected Angela's sarcasm, clearly not in the mood for it.
"It means you were on a date with Dustin tonight. And, judging by the smeared make-up on your gloves, it ended badly." Angela deduced. "Not to mention your sudden urge to dye your hair back to how it used to look."
"You know, you really should consider a degree in criminology if this whole travelling business doesn't pan out for ya!" Lilith sneered, as she threw her hair towel on her bed and walked over to her wardrobe, intent on hiding the dress deep inside her closet.
"I could see it coming from a mile off. You and Dustin... you were meant to be." Angela admitted in defeat. Lilith turned around to face her sister, shocked at her admission.
"You're not mad?"
"I'm not mad at Dustin. Despite any feelings I still have, I made it quite clear to him we're no longer together." Angela said, referring to the fact they hadn't spoke since Christmas Eve. "I want to be mad at you... but I can't. I want Dustin to be happy when I'm gone. And if being with you makes him happy, then who am I to come between you both?"
"You're ME! You look like me, don't you get it!?" Lilith blurted out loud. "He only wants me because I remind him of you. He used tonight as a way of finding out how you were, and what you were doing. He's not over you - I don't think he ever will be." Lilith spoke her thoughts out loud with an emotion in her voice that let Angela know just how Lilith felt about Dustin. Knowing this, Angela let her sister hear what she needed to hear - despite her own residual feelings for Dustin.
"Give him time. He'll learn to see you for the individual you are, and if he doesn't fall in love with you then... then he's an idiot!"
"I don't... understand..." Angela interrupted Lilith.
"I'm giving you my blessing!" Angela announced with a smile. Lilith was hesitant, but couldn't hold back her emotions any longer. She pounced on her sister with arms out wide and grabbed her tightly, hugging her like she'd never hugged anyone in her life before. Angela felt comforted, but saw Lilith's face was still holding pent up frustration when they parted.
"You're not just... using me to keep him busy whilst you're away?" Angela sighed at Lilith's accusation, and used their twin-telepathy to reassure her sister that those weren't here intentions.
"I had wanted to part on good terms with Dustin, in the hopes that we could pick up where we left off when I come back... but if I hadn't already wrecked any chance of that, I think I would have changed my mind." Lilith nodded and understood where her sister was coming from. "I can't say for certain that when I come back, I'll still be that same teenage girl who fell head-over-heels in love with the town's bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold!" Angela spoke as if she was reading the back on a teen fiction novel. A novel which she had closed the chapter on - for good.

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