Student and Teacher

Ellie was just a normal student in her senior year of high school. Until she started her new class for the second semester. Little did she know...


1. First Day Back

It was the first day back from winter break. we just got our new class schedules for the second semester of school. Most people were rushing to all the new classes but, a few other seniors and I are just going to the usual classes. The only class that has changed for me was period eight. Normally I have cooking but, now I have a CNA program that was just introduced to my school. I've heard that there is a new teacher coming to teach that class.

All through the day all I could think about was what the teacher was like or who he or she was. Through my four years here i've always known all my teachers so this is going to be an interesting experience for me. I walked to my last class of the day, eighth period. I stopped to talk to a few of my friends, Sarah and Lauren. Only Lauren was in my CNA class, Sarah had signed up for a pottery class instead. Sarah walked to her class and waved bye to us.

Lauren and I arrived at the door marked 112 which was our class. Lauren opened the door and we walked in. I was stunned when I saw the teacher. He is a tall thin man with dark brown hair every strand seems perfectly placed. He has emerald green eyes surrounded by silver-metal framed glasses. He looked up from his desk and began to speak with a thick British accent "Hello my name is Mr.Styles i'm new at teaching here, I just recently graduated from University of Manchester. If you have any questions about this class or me feel free to answer." I leaned over to Lauren and began to whisper Lauren this guy is pretty hot huh haha "yes he is haha"we both started laughing until we noticed a shadow coming from behind us. "Excuse me Ms.Ellie and Ms.Lauren would you like to share with the class?" we both were dead silent Mr.Styles bent down and whispered in my ear "stay after class please."

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