Student and Teacher

Ellie was just a normal student in her senior year of high school. Until she started her new class for the second semester. Little did she know...


2. After class

The bell to leave finally rang and I shuffled to Mr.Styles desk. What did you need sir? I spoke in a muted tone. "tomorrow I want you to sit up front away from your friend please" Mr.Styles spoke in a stern tone. "But Mr.Styles shes my only friend in this class and i don't know anyone else." "No buts Ellie and maybe this will give you the opportunity to meet someone new" Mr.Styles said while packing his bag "You're free to go Ellie see you tomorrow in class." "Bye Mr.Styles" i mumbled while walking our of the class. I walked to the front of my school. I turned on my phone and noticed that i had a text so i opened it. Oh crap i thought to myself as i realized that tonight was the night my mom was working late and I was suppose to take the bus home. "Great! Now i'm stuck here to only god knows when!" I yelled and sat down on the front steps of my school.

I sat for a while still trying to figure out what to do I already called my whole family some were on vacation most were at work. Great I guess i'm stuck here until my mom gets out. I lied my head in the hard brick wall and shut my eyes until i felt someone come up behind me. I looked up to see Mr.Styles. "Ellie why are you sitting out here? I thought you left a while ago" "I was suppose to take the bus home and didn't know it until it was to late to catch the bus." "Well it was my fault so how about I give you a ride home" He smiled happily. "Uh sure sir thank you very much" I stood up from the stairs and followed him to his car.

I got into Mr.Styles car then he got into the drivers seat. He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. "Turn left once you get to the gas station." I started telling him the directions to my house. "Actually I have to go to my house real quick to get my gym bag. Once i drop you off i'm going to go work out." "You work out? at what gym? I go to Edge Fitness its down the street from my house." "Hey I go there too! maybe you can come with me do you have a change of clothes?" "yes I do from p.e. class today and my mom is working late so sure i'd love to go with you." "first lets go to my place then we'll go"

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