It's an ongoing spin-off of the original Alice in wonderland stories by Lewis Carol, although some of the characters have characteristics from Tim Burtons popular movie.
In this story, Alice finds herself emerged in a Wonderland that is not what it used to be. Where a great plague has taken the land, and her friends have been forced into a maze-like system of tunnels, lying beneath the ground. Along with her old friends she must now take back Wonderland, before it is too late to save.


2. The Tumble

Even though it had been oh so many years, Alice still remembered the familiar feeling of of flying down through the rabbits hole. That strange tickling feeling of being weightless, yet simultaneously falling. This was something that had always confused little Alice, for she could not grasp why she could both weigh nothing, yet still fall downwards, it really made no sense in the world. Yet here she was, flying down through the ground at a tremendous speed, and even though she knew there was, she still wondered if the tumble would ever come to an end.
She spent her travel time looking at the peculiar objects in the wall, just as she had last time she had been on this journey, she saw teapots and cups, an old deck of cards, scattered across a blood red table, she saw funny masks and weird looking artifacts which, to her surprise, she had no idea what was. As she made her way down, she found herself getting tired, yawning with great force, it would have no doubt been loud, had she not been falling down, and away from the sound. She decided to take of the potato sack dress, for its scratching and itching was only getting worse, and although Alice was on the way down through a hole in the ground, to a world full of mystical magical creatures, not all of which were friendly, she was still overly bothered by the itchy dress.
As she sensed that the fall was about to come to an end, she noticed that the air in the tunnel was becoming warmer, almost unbearably so, and she found herself wiping her brow countless times. "I wonder why it's so warm down here" she said out loud, although her voice disappeared up through the tunnels narrow crooks before she heard the words. Alice looked at the wall, and were surprised to find that they were bare, and filled with cracks, from which small insect looking creatures emerged, curious as to who this thing was, falling through their hole. Alice was astonished, her memories might be blurry, and to some extend incorrect, but never had any part of Wonderland looked incomplete, abandoned or imperfect. This worried her, for she was scared enough already, and she needed no further worries. 
The end of the fall was in sight now, she could see the big room, through the hole in the roof, and she held her breath, preparing for impact. Alice knew perfectly well that a fall from this height would kill her, as quickly as Dinah, her beloved cat, would a mouse. So she knew that there was no reason preparing, either something would land her safely, or she would be quite flat, against the shiny marble floor. She found herself becoming a bit worried, for she could not remember how she had survived the long fall in the past, and even more worried, when her fall did not slow, and the distance between her and the hard floor became shorter and shorter. 
She tumbled through the hole in the floor, a hole she herself, if her memory served her right, had made in her past journey down the rabbits hole. The ground came closer at an alarmingly high speed. Maybe I'll just close my eyes and disappear, Alice thought, that didn't sound too bad. Unfortunately little Alice's dress was caught on a protruding piece of rock, when she passed through the little hole, sending her spinning and flailing towards the ground, the world around her becoming a blur of smudged colors, and the jumbled sound of her own screeches, bouncing off the rounded walls of the large room. 
She hit the ground hard, landing straight on her back, and the air was knocked out of her lungs. Weirdly nothing broke, but she couldn't say it didn't hurt, and she could feel she would be sore when she woke up tomorrow. She laid a little while on the cold floor, catching her breath. As she got to her knees, she was surprised when her head knocked against the roof, as she had forgot how large she was compared to Wonderlands small features, she glanced down towards the ground, where a little bottle labeled "Drink Me" was standing on the little table, just as she remembered it from her childhood. The content of the little bottle tasted peculiar, but the effect was even more peculiar. She suddenly felt her self falling, as the floor came closer at an alarming speed, as her body shrank to fit her surroundings. The disorienting feeling of your body shrinking, combined with her already confused sense of balance from the fall, caused her to fall once again. Now that her viewpoint was a bit more central, she looked around at the familiar room, yet she could not recognize it, at least not all of it. The little table, in the middle of the cave like room, was askew, the floor and walls were cracked, and there were debris from the crumbling roof. Long green vines were snaking their way down through cracks and crinkles, spreading throughout the formerly so magnificent room. 
"It appears that my wonderland has fallen into dismay" Alice said, although her voice was full of curiosity rather than sadness. "Very much so" sounded a little voice from behind her. Alice spun around so fast, she almost fell right down on her behind. "Rabbit!" she exclaimed, as the little furry creature jumped towards her, "you gave me quite a fright". "Well to be honest I can't stay to apologize" he said, as he turned to leave. "Rabbit wait" Alice said, but he had already closed the tiny door behind him. 
Alice quickly tried to follow, but the door was locked, and, to Alice's great dismay, the little table was completely empty, she sighed. "How am I supposed to get anywhere, when the door is locked?" she said, her fragile voice bouncing around in the cave-like room, until she wasn't even sure it was her own anymore. 
She sat down on the floor with another sigh. "What am I to do?" she asked the tilted table, not that she expected it to answer, it was, after all, just a table. Alice let her gaze fly around the room, just in case she had overlooked something, a thing her mother had accused her of many times. A dark patch at the other end of the room caught her eye, something she hadn't noticed before, a large crack in the wall, maybe large enough for her to squeeze through. 
It wasn't comfortable, but she made it through the dark space, "maybe I am merely going through another rabbits hole, and the real wonderland will be right at the end of this". She said, yet her heart was not in it. She turned a corner, scraping her left knee on the rocky walls, but she paid little attention to it, it wasn't that a scraped knee was the greatest of her concerns. As she poked her head around the corner, the sunlight, coming from the end of the narrow corridor, blinded her, so she had to shield her face for a whole minute, before she was able to see anything through her squinting eyes. "All this time underground makes me feel like a mole, except I am not blind" she said, as she crawled the last few meters to the opening, expecting to see her own beloved Wonderland, full of lush gardens, and magnificent creatures, yet when she finally laid her eyes upon the land, she was shocked, for it looked nothing like her memories.
As far as she could see, there was, what looked like, a desert. A vast plain land, a far stretched lifeless land, the surface full of cracks, and only in the far distance, she could see what looked like a forest. 
A powerful wind was soaring through the air, causing sand to sting Alice's bare arms and exposed face and neck. She quickly covered herself with her dress as best as possible, yet the sand still hurt like a million tiny bees. 
Despite herself, she quickly scurried back into the little rocky tunnel, to shield herself from the wind. "What in the world happened here" she said, her voice full of terror. "Simple" said a voice behind her "You're late"  

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