It's an ongoing spin-off of the original Alice in wonderland stories by Lewis Carol, although some of the characters have characteristics from Tim Burtons popular movie.
In this story, Alice finds herself emerged in a Wonderland that is not what it used to be. Where a great plague has taken the land, and her friends have been forced into a maze-like system of tunnels, lying beneath the ground. Along with her old friends she must now take back Wonderland, before it is too late to save.


4. A Tragic Tale

After a bit of planning, the four individuals headed back towards the tunnel. Well technically there were five of them, but the Dormouse, whom was still sleeping within the confines of the Hatters breast pocket, was hardly going to be of much help. Alice had no desire of going back into the cramped tunnels, but It wouldn't seem she had much of a choice, if she were ever to save her beloved Wonderland. 
"Lead the way" the Hatter said, and Alice turned to see whom he was speaking to, hoping she wouldn't have to travel like she had last time, although it was quick, hanging after the Queen like a discarded towel, was even less appealing than going back into the damp corridors. Much to her confusion, she found the entire party looking at her, with impatient looks painted in their faces. "Why are you all staring at me?" she asked, scared that she already knew the answer. "Isn't it obvious" said the Queen, in her usual arrogant tone, "we're obviously waiting for you to lead the way, quite as the Hatter said only moment ago" she continued "but maybe that wasn't clear enough for you?" 
Alice shook her head. "Well then let me explain" the Queen said, but Alice quickly shook her head "I understand what it means" she said. "All right" the Queen said "let's go then." "But I have no idea where to go" Alice said, "I've never seen the tunnels before." "Nonsense" the Queen said "we were there only an hour or two ago." Alice sighed, some people just never changed, "but you were running so fast I could barely tell where you were going". "Now thats hardly my faul-" "Queen" the Hatter interrupted, much to Alice's delight. "Alice" the Hatter said, and she turned her head to him "these tunnels are quite peculiar" he said, smiling his familiar friendly smile. Alice looked at him, waiting for further explanation. "The only way you can find what you're looking for, is if you have no idea where to go" he said, as if it made perfect sense, "you see, being lost is the right way down here." This didn't particular help Alice understand the situation "How can being lost be the right way? Being lost isn't even a way." She said, although she knew that her logic never really applied down here. 
"Just get moving" the March hare, whom had been completely silent so far, and he didn't sound very patient. "That's easy for you to say" Alice defended herself "you're not the one who's supposed to be lost." Although Alice knew that the Hare, given his slightly questionable sanity, was probably always some sort of lost. She took a deep breath, then she ventured down into the dark tunnel, without having any idea where she was going, which, according to the Hatter anyways, was the right way to go. 
Going through the tunnels was a lot more pleasant now, when she was walking at her own pace, than when she had been flailing behind the Queen on her mad dash. Now that she actually had time to look around, she realized that the walls were not solid rock, but a dark glass like material. She could only see a few inches into the weird material, but it was enough to make out the occasional object, trapped behind the transparent surface, a teapot, a little cup, a pocket watch, a playing card, "The lost remedies of Wonderland" Hatter said, his face a painting of sadness and loss, as his hand flew to the front of his hat, where his favorite hairpin had been positioned for as long as he could remember, except t wasn't there now. Alice felt a rock drop settle in her stomach. She looked back to the walls, and saw what looked like the red Queens crown. She looked back at the Queen, who had also spotted the crown, and Alice thought she saw a glimpse of sadness flash across the queens face, her normally so arrogant face nowhere to see, before she quickly looked away. Perhaps Alice had been to harsh on her, she had obviously lost something dear to her, as well as everyone else had, hers was just not what would have come across as dear to the rest of them. Alice sighed, Wonderland really had taken quite a bit of damage. 
The tunnels were dead silent, besides the continuos sound of their footsteps echoing between the glassy walls. No one said anything, not even the March Hare, who was normally so talkative. He was walking behind the Hatter, his snout pointing towards the ground along with his ears. Alice had never seen anyone in Wonderland being this depressed, even at times of great peril it seemed to her, that her friends had always kept their spirits up, but now, as they got closer and closer to the white Queens castle, it seemed their faces grew sadder and sadder with every step. Something had been bothering Alice, since the Queens tragedy had been revealed to her, "How come, if the Red Queen's castle was attacked, that the White Queen's wasn't." She said, and saw immediately that she had asked the wrong question. The March hare sighed, the Queen looked away and the Hatter took off his hat, as one would at a funeral. Alice realized, with a sudden dreadful feeling settling in her heart, that her friends hadn't spoken a single word of the White Queen. "She was attacked wasn't she?" Alice said, her voice slightly raised, she looked at the Hatter, who seemed to have disappeared into his own mind, his eyes far away. It was the Queen who finally broke the mortifying silence, "No she was not Alice, but the only one to blame for that is her." The Queen said, and Alice stopped walking "As the plague approached her doors, despite many peoples advice, she let he soul go, to protect her homeland." 
Alice didn't believe her own ears, yet she saw nothing but truth in the Queens pale face. "She's deceased?" She asked, her voice shaking like a leaf in the wind. "No!" The Hatter burst out, suddenly resurfacing from his absent mindedness. The Queen sighed "not strictly speaking se isn't" she said, and Alice could feel the sadness fill the air. "She isn't dead at all" The Hatter said, and Alice recognized his tone of denial from her sisters voice. "She is very much alive" he continued, almost yelling, and Alice could have sworn she saw a tear falling from his eye. "She is but a lifeless body lying on a bed of flowers" The Queen said, "her soul now lies around the castle, keeping her people free of this misery." she continued, and Alice could imagine the loving Queen, sacrificing herself to save her people. She was about to ask more questions, when Hatters voice filled the cave, with a tragically beautiful tone, words flowing off his tongue like a river of silk, his tragic tale reaching Alice's ears, filling her head with sad and miserable words of rhyme. 





"This tragic tale now I shall tell,
Of how the Queen of White she fell.
As Wonderland great peril felt,
Before her ancestors she knelt.
Her soul she gave a heart so pure,
For her lands she served a cure,
Keeping the trees and flowers green,
To stand as bright as ever seen.
The sky is blue the air is clear,
Blissful free from pain and fear.
Her smile it lingers with the walls,
Her voice still sounding from the falls.
For every droplet every tree
Is by the Queen kept sorrow free.
Yet under laugh and joyful smiles
The misery and sorrow piles.
For in her bed of flowers lie
The Queen so white for her we cry,
A single ray of light is seen,
Resting upon her face so keen.
Her arms are folded across her chest,
Her eyes are closed in eternal rest,
Her hair forms, with every curl,
A halo as white as any pearl.
So now we pray for the Queen of White
To not dissolve in to the night."

As Hatters voice died out, his last words still echoing around them, Alice couldn't help a single tear, making its way down her face. No one said anything, they stood in silence, in respect of the Hatters deep felt words. After a minute or two of silence, Hatter sighed "Lets keep going" he said, and started walking down the tunnel, but stopped before he passed Alice. "Ladies first" he said, although his chivalry did not have its spark of charm, that Alice usually relished so much. She started walking, the rest of the party following suit. Alice couldn't bear watching her friends like this, defeated and depressed, so as she walked she made a vow to herself, that she would not leave, until the Wonder of Wonderland had been properly restored.

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