It's an ongoing spin-off of the original Alice in wonderland stories by Lewis Carol, although some of the characters have characteristics from Tim Burtons popular movie.
In this story, Alice finds herself emerged in a Wonderland that is not what it used to be. Where a great plague has taken the land, and her friends have been forced into a maze-like system of tunnels, lying beneath the ground. Along with her old friends she must now take back Wonderland, before it is too late to save.


1. A potato dress and a Rabbit

"Alice get down here, you need to help, instead of spending all your time in your room!". Alice sighed "I suppose I ought to go and help her" she said to the cat, which was rolled up in a ball in her lap. It made a none to pleased sound when she got up, forcing it to find another place to sleep. Alice made her way trough her room, which wasn't as easy at it may have sounded, Alice's room was filled with drawings, illustrations of her endeavors in Wonderland, all those years ago. Most of it was still clear in her memory, albeit some of the details had grown a bit foggy over the years. She could still remember the wondrous lands, and the magnificent castles, her memories of the hatter and the hare were still quite clear, for those she cared fondly for, her spine still shivered at the thought of the malevolent red queen, constantly ordering her soldiers to decapitate some innocent creature She chuckled as she remembered the griffon and the mocking turtle, singing their sad songs, and dancing their dances at the beach, oh how magical it had all been. Now the story of wonderland was nothing more than drawings on her floor, and the memories which she would never quite forget. She gave a last sad look towards her messy room, before she closed the door, and quickly scurried down the stairs to her mother, whom was waiting for her in the kitchen. "What took you so long" she said, her hands at her hips, she looked like her cat, in the moments after Alice had shoved her off her lap, none to pleased. "My apologies mother, I was merely having a hard time getting Dinah off my lap" she lied, hoping her mother was distracted enough to let her go. She rolled her eyes and turned back to her cooking, "you're sixteen now Alice, plenty old to get a cat off your lap and get downstairs, without having to spend more than a minute". Alice felt that she had in no way been delayed, getting cats off your lap was a time consuming business, not to be taken lightly.  
"If you would be so dear, to go and get me some potatoes from the garden, they should be good and ready by this time of the year" her mother said, not looking away from her cooking. Alice looked horrified "Mother!" she exclaimed "Im in my whitest dress", it was true, the dress she was wearing was truly white "and you expect to go and dig around the dirt like a pig? I shall do no such thing!" Alice was very proud of her statement, it wasn't easy coming with good arguments when you were fighting mother. Unfortunately her mother had already gone trough all this with Alice's older sister, and was therefor completely prepared for these kind of arguments "Alice, go to the closet, there is a dress for you, hanging all the way to the left". Alice came back a minute later, now clad in a potato sack dress, that completely covered her actual dress. "There" said her mother "now you wont get dirty". Alice was scowling, but she still reluctantly grabbed the potato basket, and went out the door to get the potatoes from the garden. 
The weather was nice today, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining. It was december, so weather like this was quite unusual, and Alice found herself staring at the skies for the longest of times, before she remembered that she had a job to do. She shook her head, then started walking towards the far end of the garden, where she could see the little shed, they used for keeping fruit and vegetables, which were left over from warmer times. As she made her way across the garden, she found that her gaze wandered to the spot where she had fallen down, on her first trip to wonderland. She shook her head and kept walking. while schooling herself in her mind. She hurried on, and took care that she didn't look that way again, she couldn't be distracted now, she had work to do, and mother would not be pleased, if she saw her running off. 
She hurried with the potatoes, pouring them down into the basket, quite without checking the state of the crops, luckily she narrowly avoided one particular potato, on which a little blue caterpillar was perched, looking quite offended that it's resting place had been disturbed by such a rude individual. 
As Alice emerged from the shed, she found herself almost running towards the door, as if she was being chased by something, which of course was ridiculous, seeing as she was quite alone in the silent garden. Yet she found herself glancing over her shoulder, despite her numerous efforts to tell herself that she was being unreasonable, that there was nothing on her heels. Then she heard it, a tiny little sound so small it was barely audible, but she heard it none the less, a rabbits hasty footsteps, cutting across the garden, not ten meters behind her. She heard his hushed, busy ramblings, his nervous little nose sniffing the air, the sound of his pocket watch, steadily ticking away. Alice froze in her place, right there in the middle of the garden, her little knees trembling. 
Now you might be confused, as to why little Alice Liddell was so scared of the funny rabbit, why would such a peculiar creature scare her to such an extend. You see, she knew him, she had met the rabbit many times before, it was him who had led her to wonderland, when she was still very young. It had been a wondrous time, yet she had no desire to go back, she shivered at the thought of the great Jabberwocky, the card soldiers, the furious red queen, in her young mind she had found that all quite funny, but now, when she found herself looking back, she shivered at the thought of the dangers that waited her. 
She also knew, in the back of her head, that her own mind would not allow her to stay, she would not be able to go back into the house until she had seen this to the end. "Are you coming Alice, I ain't got all day". Little Alice suddenly felt like she was ten again, and not seventeen, she felt like a little kid, standing before her mother, having done something she had not been granted allowance for, something she knew was wrong. She could do nothing but nod at the rabbit, like a nice little girl, and say with her most proper voice, "of course rabbit, I'm coming now", and despite all the voices in her head, she still found herself walking towards the old oak, towering over the odd pair. As the rabbit stepped around the tree, a large hole opened in the ground, and he immediately jumped down, gesturing for Alice to follow. 
Alice sat on the edge, waving her legs over the seemingly bottomless hole. She really had no way of turning back now, she couldn't just go back now, so she really had no idea why she was hesitating. "Don't worry Alice" she told herself, "you'll be just fine". But even as she let herself fall over the edge, and started falling towards her childhood dreams, she didn't quite believe herself. 

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