Forever & Always

Have you ever walked by someone, and your eyes bugged out at their gorgeousness? You grin, and look at your feet? You look over your shoulder at the back of their head, giddily? You turn around, and trail behind slowly? Do everything but STALK them? I have. I did. Yesterday. But mine ended up unlike alot of the others. We fell in love.


2. Justin

Shes perfect. How could a girl be a gorgeous? I never get nervous around girls, usually its girls that get nervous around me, but this was different. I worried about everything that came out of my mouth. If I said something wrong, would she hate me? I finally got her number, and I have been texting her 24/7 since. I felt like I was being overbearing, but how could I not?

She is beautiful. Cassidy has that secret beauty. She was conservative, but when you open her up, she is funny and fun to be around. She was blonde, her hair down to the middle of her back, and wavy. Her blue eyes made it impossible for me to take my eyes from them. She was wearing a sweatshirt that hid her obviously beautiful curves. 

I had to see her again.

To: Cass From: Jay

Hey! Wanna go to the Grille tonight? If yes, I'll pick you up at 7. (:


To: Jay From: Cass

Of course! 7 it is! (:

That heart at the end made my heart soar. 

To: Cass From: Jay

Yay! (:

Better get ready.


I walk around and open the door for her. She steps in, gracefully. How does she do it? I start the car and drive away from Cassidy's house.

"Hey Justin?" She asks me.


"Can I call you Jay?"

"As long as I can call you Cass"

smile at her and she smiles back. Jay. Its so perfect. 

I pull into the Grille, and open the door for Cass again. She grabs my hand, and we walk in together. I spot a table for two, and I pull her over to it. I slide out her chair, and she sits

"So. What are you thinking about ordering?" I ask her as I sit down.



"What is this?"

I'm confused. "The Grille?"

"No. Us. Are we dating? We have only known each other  week but I.. I feel a special connection to you." 

I am taken aback. She feels it too?

"I feel it too." I hold her hand between both of mine across the table. "Will you be my girlfriend?" 

She laughs. "Of course!" She grins. "Now lets see." She pulls her hand away and looks at the menu.

Bofriend. I like it. (:



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