Forever & Always

Have you ever walked by someone, and your eyes bugged out at their gorgeousness? You grin, and look at your feet? You look over your shoulder at the back of their head, giddily? You turn around, and trail behind slowly? Do everything but STALK them? I have. I did. Yesterday. But mine ended up unlike alot of the others. We fell in love.


1. Cassidy

I walked in the mall, looking around for the newest candle from Bath & Body Works for my room when I saw him. He was a normal teenager, but 100x hottter. His hair was mussled, an adorable half smile he gave while he told his story to his friends. Bright hazel eyes that sparkled with laughter. Red supras, white skinny jeans, brown jacket. A gold chain around his neck. His hair spiked up, perfect from every angle. 

He looked at me as he passed by and gave a small smile. I smiled, and turned my head in embarrassment. I looked back at him as he passed. He threw his head back in laughter, and I ran into a pole. 

I fell back ward onto my butt. I rub my forehead, that's gonna leave a bruise. I feel a hand on my back, helping me up. 

"Thanks." I mumble, and look up at who helped me. 

It was him.

"Are you okay?" He asks me. He smiles, and his eyes sparkle.

"Uhh." I say, lost in his eyes. 

"Come on. Lets get you some fro yo?" He asks, unsure whether I'll agree.

"What about your friends?" I look over and his group was laughing. 

"Oh, they are okay. They will get it." He says, looking back. "I'll be back. Stay here?" 

He walks over to is friends, talking at a volume I can't hear. They nod, grinning and stealing glances over at me. I figit with the sleeve of my sweatshirt, not liking the attention. His friends, walk away, patting him on the back. He walks back over to me.

"So, I never caught your name?" He asks me.

Oh gosh. His eyes.

"Uh, Cassidy." I respond.

"Cool. I'm Justin." 


We were laughing until our sides hurt. There wasn't a reason, we just did.  I licked my fro yo off the spoon. Mmm. Vanilla.

"So, Justin." I say, my laughter finally contained. "Where are you from?"

"Oh, Stratford." He says, smiling a goofy grin.

"Me too! How have we not met?" 

"I go to Stratford Valley. Do you go to Stratford High?" 

I nod. "I don't go to many school events, so that's probably why." 

"Well you should go to the hockey games."

"Why? You on the team?"

"Yep. I'm the goalie."

"Cool!" I smile. 

"Well, I better get going." I feel a pang of sadness strike my heart. 

He notices my expression. "But not before I get you number." He says.

I smile, and reach for his phone. I type in my number.

"(123) 555-1234" I say aloud as I type it. 

I feel my iphone buzz in my pocket. 

"Now you have my number." Justin says. 

I smile. Justin stands up. "Bye."


I love him.

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