Whovian problems

Normal Whovian Problems! I don't own all of them some I found online. (Copyright)
Plus a couple poems.


39. Whovian Rules

*Some rules for Whovians. Not all are rules some are just statements. Sorry they are out of order. I found these online. Copyright.*

It's DOCTOR Who not Dr. Who. NEVER abbreviate Doctor!

Everything has it's time and everything ends. Even the run of your favorite Doctor.

Don't wonder off..... Bad things happen when you wonder off.

A crying Roman with a baby is cool. (Rory holding Melody on Demons run.)

Keep out signs are merely just suggestions.

It's OK to still be in shock about Jack Harkness and The Face of Boe

Sometimes everybody lives

Always question the identity of someone named John Smith.

No matter what eleven wears. It's cool.

You will cry every season.

Always bring a banana to a party

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