Whovian problems

Normal Whovian Problems! I don't own all of them some I found online. (Copyright)
Plus a couple poems.


47. problems 42- 56

these are all from the "You know you're a whovian when..." videos from YouTube. Some repeats may from previous chapter be in this list.


42.You think everything is "Fantastic!'


43. Your favorite insult is "You're so thick you're Mr. Thick Thick Thick from Thicktown, thickania, and so's your dad!"


44. When you enter a room, you shout "It's Bigger on the Inside!''


45. You wonder if snow is ash.


46. The first thing you think of when you see a gas mask is "Are you my mummy?"


47.The numbers 1-12 aren't just numbers


48. You keep saying sonic screwdriver instead of screwdriver.


49. You see a screwdriver and think "This could be a little more sonic"


50. You basically run


51. Whenever you go somewhere you shout "Allon-sy"


52. When you make a mistake typing you say out loud "You will be deleted"


53. You secretly exterminate people you don't like.


54. You make a whirling noise when you use a screwdriver.


55. You know that silence will fall when the question is asked..........Doctor Who?


56. You don't build snowmen anymore for the fear them coming to life and trying to eat you.


(sorry if 55 spoiled it for you)












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