Whovian problems

Normal Whovian Problems! I don't own all of them some I found online. (Copyright)
Plus a couple poems.


35. poems

One, Two, Three, Four I declare a Time War

Five, Six, Seven, Eight Daleks scream EXTERMINATE

Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve The Doctor died and Silence fell

Twelve, Eleven, Ten, Nine here he goes back in time

Eight, Seven, Six, Five saving everyone's lives

Four, Three, Two, One Grab her hand and whisper "Run"

*Poem 2*

Soft Dalek

Warm Dalek

Happy Dalek

Sleepy Dalek

Little ball of hate


*Valentines poems*

Bow-ties are red

The TARDIS is blue

I'll give you my heart

Make that times two

Daleks are awsome

Daleks are great

Be my valentine


Angels are gray

Daleks are pink

Be my angel

And I won't blink

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