Another Biersack?

I, Anna Beirsack, the unknown one although I was with Andy almost all the time. Well , i think i am gaining feelings for one of the band members. what will Andy think?


3. on the bus

"Cc! Get off!" I screamed as he jumped on me. He pinned me down and started to tickle me until my face was red. "How could you guys just let that happen?" I asked between breaths. They took one look at me and burst into laughter. I sarcastically said "oh hahaha thats so funny!" I got up and sat on the couch.

I started to text my friend, Emily , i never really got to see her in person anymore but we always called and text each other. I randomly burst into laughter as i read one of Jacks tweets she sent me. "What are you laughing at?" Andy asked. I read it aloud. It said 'i am an independent woman and i will not let anyone tell me where to shake my booty hole!' I put my hands up in defense as I said "Jack said it first!" I went back to my bunk and listened to music. Before I knew it, it was nighttime and we were parked in a parking lot. I got up and started for the door. "Where are you going?" Andy asked. "On a walk" i replied. "Be careful" he called after me as I walked out of the bus.

I walked and walked although i honestly didn't know where. At one point i decided to turn around and i guess some of the neighborhood girls saw me because they started to follow me. They all called me names and i noticed that my breathing was getting faster. Oh god not now, i don't want to pass out on the side of the road! I started running while the girls were talking about me in the worst ways possible. I finally got to the bus and ran inside. I collapsed on the floor with tears running down my face.

Andy came over to me with urgency and he picked me up and put me on the couch. I heard all the other guys come into the room. I wasn't passed out but i was about to be, i just knew it. I felt a cloth on my face that was cold as ice and i shot straight up, head butting Andy. "Shit!" I yelled. Andy was rubbing his face and so was i. "Sorry." I said "it's okay, at least you didn't pass out." He replied. I got up and saw all the guys watching to make i didn't fall. I silently laughed and shook my head as I walked to the bathroom.

I locked the door once i was inside. I couldn't take the pain, i had to, i wanted to. I looked in my makeup bag and found the blade in the very bottom. I put it to my skin, and then pulled. I made more cuts on my arm. I watched as the blood trickled down my hand. I felt numb, and it was nice. I heard a banging on the door. It was Ashley, he picked the lock and came in and saw what I had done. "Anna," he said "why would you do this?" I could hear his voice break. I got up and tried to walk out into the kitchen but collapsed halfway there.

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