Another Biersack?

I, Anna Beirsack, the unknown one although I was with Andy almost all the time. Well , i think i am gaining feelings for one of the band members. what will Andy think?


4. hospital


       I awoke to bright blinding lights in a white room. Instantly i felt pain on my arm, I looked over and saw that i had stitches on some of the cuts i made. I sighed and sunk back into the pillow when i heard someone walk into the room. I looked up and saw Ashley, coming to sit down by me. Honestly, i dont even think he noticed i was awake. I laughed a little and he looked to me with surprise, and jumped up to give me a hug. I hugged him and asked, "Why so surprised to see me awake?" "Well, you have been asleep for a week almost and Andy and I basically stayed here the whole time." I bolted upright and said "A week? Was it seriously that bad?" Just as i said that Andy came in and saw me awake and was happy i was finally awake.

       "Andy?" i asked as i got comfortable sitting up. "Yeah?" he answered. "How bad was it?" I asked looking at the wall. I heard him sigh and finally say "It was pretty bad". "im sorry, Andy, i know i promised you i wouldn't do that ever again bu-" i started. "Its my fault, I should have done something to help you" he cut me off. I shot him a look, "I swear to god Andrew if you ever say that again i will shove my foot up your butt!" I said jokingly. He smiled and said "yeah right, If your foot can reach my butt." "is this a bet i smell in the air?" i asked. "yeah". I replied "Alrighty then! By the way when am i getting out this death hole?" "Tomorrow" he said. "great" i replied.

 -time jump to the next day-

      "I'm frreeee!" i screamed as i walked out of the hospital with all the guys trailing behind me. It was hot outside but i had my jacket on anyways because i didnt want people to see the scars. We got back to the bus, and Andy told me that we were going home today because the tour was over. I nodded as i got on the bus. I really didnt want to let all the others see the cuts so i didnt take off my jacket all the way home.

       "Were home everyone" I heard someone scream. I was still asleep when we got there, and guess they didnt want to wake me so they carried me inside. I opened my eyes to see it was Ashley, "why hello there my Purdy friend." i said sleepily. "Hello there." he replied. He carried me up to my room and set me down on the bed and laid down next to me. I dozed off and woke up to Ashley's arms around my waist and my face to his chest. I glanced at my wrists and sighed with regret. Ashley asked "whats wrong?" I didnt think he was awake and i jumped a little. 

       "Well, a long time ago, i promised Andy that i would never do this to myself again....and i let him down." i answered as eyes started to swell with tears. "It will be okay" Ashley said "Im sure he is just happy that you didnt leave us" I let the tears fall as i hugged Ashley and said "and thanks for being here". He replied "anytime".

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