Another Biersack?

I, Anna Beirsack, the unknown one although I was with Andy almost all the time. Well , i think i am gaining feelings for one of the band members. what will Andy think?


5. hidden

       I got up and walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I decided I was going to take a shower, because i honestly dont remember when I last took a shower. So I turned on the water and got undressed when i heard a knock on the door. Grabbing the towel and wrapping it around me i opened the door slightly asking "yes?" It was Andy, and at that moment I realized that I was going to be constantly watched over. "Just coming to check on you." he said. Then asked "when did you get these tattoos?" I remembered that I hadn't told him about those across my collar bone and chest, I finally answered "a long time ago, no big deal, i gotta take a shower soo, goodbye!" i exclaimed as shutting the door and hopping in the shower.

      After a while I finally got out and put on my black Pierce the Veil shirt with red ripped skinnies. I walked down stairs and flopped down on the couch, and just wanted to lay there forever. I started to dose off then i felt someone picking me up and carrying me somewhere. i opened my eyes a little and found that they were carrying me to the pool out back. My eyes shot open and I yelled "NOO!" I realized Andy was carrying me and just before he dropped me I grabbed his arm and pulled him down with me. "Ha!" I said once i surfaced. He gave me a death stare as my eyes widened, and I scrambled to the edge of the pool to get out. Andy reached for me but I got out and ran into the house. "I'm going to get you!" he yelled after me. I stuck out my tongue to him as he got out and ran after me. I screamed and ran over to Jake to use him as a shield. Jake froze in place as Andy walked toward him to get me.

      I ran upstairs and found Cc, Jinxx, and Ashley playing cards. They laughed at my appearance, I flipped them off and said, "Guys, Andy is going to kill me!" "Why?" Jinxx asked. "I dragged him into the pool with me when he was trying to throw me in" I said. "wow so dramatic, isnt he?" Cc asked. "yeah" I answered as I heard Andy come up behind me. I turned around and looked up and innocently said "Hi there Mr.Man". He said "Your dead." I replied "Well its not like you were wearing leather and I got wet too, so chill." I walked past him and went to get new clothes which were some shorts and a tank top. "Well its been interesting for you this morning,huh?" I recognized the voice and turned around to see Ashley in the doorway. "yup" i answered. He walked toward me and pulled me into a hug, i hugged him back. I looked up at the guy i have had a crush on for so long. I smiled at him with our faces only inches apart.

     I leaned in quickly and kissed him and then pulled away, blushing. I saw that his face was red also, i giggled. He said, "Hey! I was going to do that!" I said "well, i'm still here" as he leaned in and we kissed more passionate this time. After what seemed like forever we finally pulled away. "I love you" i said "I love you too Anna" He replied. "Would you be my girlfriend?" Ashley asked shyly. I replied "Of course" and hugged him even tighter. "Wait," I said pulling away "Andy is going to flip if he finds out I broke his number 1 rule." I sat down on my bed looking up at Ashley. "well, you like to break rules dont you" he asked with a smirk. "of course" I replied. "Well then lets break this one!" he exclaimed. I jumped up and screamed "okay!"  

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