Another Biersack?

I, Anna Beirsack, the unknown one although I was with Andy almost all the time. Well , i think i am gaining feelings for one of the band members. what will Andy think?


2. Ashley Purdy and feelings

"Your really good" i heard a familiar voice coming from behind me. I stood completely still and turned around to see Ashley lounging on my bed. "How.....what....why? Ugh god damn it Ashley how did you get into my room!" I screamed. "I just picked the lock" he replied

"What if i was changing and you just came in?" I asked

"I dont know what I would do then." Ash answered. Then I realized my music was still playing and i heard Déjà Vu was playing. I could feel my face go red as i scrambled to change the song. Ashley just laughed. "So when are we gonna leave for tour?" I asked. "Well in about an hour"he replied. "Good" i said as sat on Ash's feet. "Hey uh Anna" "what?" "Your fat butt is hurting my feet" Ash said. "oh well!" I said. Ashley sat up and put a hand on my shoulder. Then out of no where he started to tickle me, i cried out with laughter and screaming "stop!" Until Andy came in the room and said "Whatcha doing?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "Nothing, just being tickled" i answered while getting up and walking to the door. Andy gave Ashley a glare as if to say 'I'll talk to you later'. I told Andy to go downstairs and he did along with me.

"What have i told you about being with band members?" He asked "I'm a 22 year old! I'm pretty sure i can handle myself. " i said. "I'm just looking out for you because I hate to see down " he replied looking down. "I know," i said looking into his eyes," but sometimes you have to let me make my own decisions and have a chance to live and learn." He nodded and went outside. Ashley came downstairs and said "we have to go now" "okay" i replied.

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