Another Biersack?

I, Anna Beirsack, the unknown one although I was with Andy almost all the time. Well , i think i am gaining feelings for one of the band members. what will Andy think?


1. Anna B

I was practicing playing my guitar when i heard a knock on the door. I shouted "Come in" as I began to play a song. Not to my surprise it was Andy, again, "why do you come to check on me every five minutes?" I asked.

"Well, first off, i want to make sure your not doing anything stupid and because i care." He replied. I glared at him with my glass blue eyes. "Well its nice you care, thank you, but I will be fine. And is breakfast ready yet?"

"Ugh no, it's not." He said. "It's your turn to cook today, so while you do that I'm going to get ready." I said while running into the bathroom before he started an argument.

Andy and I looked a lot alike except he was tall and i was short, basically twins. We are both the same age. I teased my jet-black hair and applied my eyeliner and makeup and then put on my black skinnies and a black shirt with a leather jacket.

I started down the stairs and stopped halfway when i heard the rest of the guys, and i remembered it was tour day. This time i was going with them on tour. I continued down the stairs and greeted everyone with a "Hey guys." They all hugged me and said "hey". Andy looked like he was about to slap the hell out of them all, overprotective much! Haha.

I sat down next to Ashley, my absolute crush ever since the band started. I never told Andy about my crush because he would just flip. Even though I can handle myself. "So are you any better at the guitar then before?" asked Ashley.

"Actually my Purdy friend i have improved a lot." I replied. "ANNA!!" Andy yelled from the kitchen.

I got up and ran into the kitchen and saw that he needed my help, badly. "Woah, Ands you should just stick to makin toast, buddy!" I said sarcastically. "Ha,ha , but really i need help." He replied. "Fine. I will make the breakfast!" I yelled to him as he walked out of the kitchen.

I finally finished breakfast and served the guys and myself. "This is why she is the mom of us." Cc said jokingly. "Sure, because I'm totally capable of handling all of you big babies!" I replied with a smirk. I finished and asked Andy to clean up since he couldn't handle cooking. "Im gonna go upstairs and listen to my music, do not disturb!" I ran up the stairs and locked the door to my room and turned on my music. I was playing all the guitar parts along with the songs.

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