Little White Lies

What happens when Emily

And her boyfriend Harry

Spend the summer together

And she gets told some news


8. Tour day

Emily's pov

I woke up in Harry's arms. I looked at my hand and saw the diamond ring and smiled. His arms were wrapped around my body and I could feel I

his chest going up in down on my back. He was breathing really hard. He was having a nightmare. "Harry babe wake up I'm ok wake up babe" he sat up very fast and made us head but. "I'm sorry love are you ok" "yes as long as I have you babe" he kissed my forehead and I got up to pee. When I splashed water in my face I noticed there were my tanpons and realized I haven't started. "Uhm Harry how long has it been since valentines day " "4 weeks why" "I need to get to a doctor"

~later while at the doctors office~

"Mrs.Jonstin?" "Styles" I corrected him and Harry held my hand smiling. "Sorry Mrs. Styles I have good news and bad news" "good news please" "the good news is your pregnant" Harry spoke up " and the bad news?" " I hate to say this but you may have a miscarriage within the 8 months of your pregnancy" I felt tears swarm in my eyes and they came down. " what's wrong with my baby!?" I screamed "Mrs. Styles please calm down" "how can I be calm?!" Harry ran to me and calmed me down. "Your baby has lung cancer and might not make it all it needs is time come to me every 2 weeks to see if the cancer gets better" "yes sir" we walked in the car and Harry rubbed my knew and sang to me. We walked in and I ran to the mirror and looked at my belly. "Babe you know we need baby names" "what about Kayla for a girl and Justin for a boy" "what about Kyliegh for girl from my sister and Justin for boy " "I love them" then he rubbed my belly and started talking to my belly "hello there this is your daddy speaking I just want you to know that me and your mommy love you very much and that you mean the world to us I really don't care if your a boy or girl just as long as you survive and that if you don't make it you will always be our little precious angle" I started crying and not from sadness but from happiness I never seen this side of him and I loved it Harry carried me bridal style and put me in the bed. "Let me make you breakfast love I'm making you hash browns waffles and sausage" " ok I love you Harry you make me so happy" "I try my best" I loved Harry and nobody could ever change that I love him from the moon and back and I'm so happy I'm pregnant with his baby I love him and I'm happy that he didn't freak out when he found out that he was going to become a dad now how are we gonna tell the rest of the boys and my best friends eby and Zoe. Zoe we just met but I felt like we have been friends since kindergarten I loved her I told her things eby didn't even know. She was dating Liam those shy love birds. I guess ill text her. When Harry's phone got a text and it was from Liam.

L: hey man don't forget tomorrow is our big tour.

Shit! I forgot

H: hey Liam it's Emily uhm I'm pregnant

L: I'll be right over.

Then Harry walked in with break fast and I told him what just happened. "Shit I totally forgot well I'm not leaving you and your not coming cause you could hurt the baby so I guess I'm not going this year fired or not" "No Harry I'm not letting you not go on your because of me" "it's not your choice it's mine" "I'll let Zoe stay with me and I'll FaceTime you everyday and call you when I got to opiontments" "no I'm not leaving you here besides someone's gotta cook you a good breakfast for in the morning" then I heard a knock on the door it was Liam and he came in our room and talked to me. " when did you figure out?" " today" "man that a tuffy especially when we have tour" "Liam I'm not going" "what why?!" "My fucking baby has cancer and can die any second now I'm not fucking going and that's final!!!" "Boys stop lets watch a movie 21 jump street anybody?" "Sure love anything for you" and Harry helped me off my bed and carried me bridal style "you know I can walk not crippled" " I know but anything for the baby" " your gonna get tired of this" "nah your pretty light and I'm not tired of you love" we watched the movie and burst out into laughter when all the sudden I had a contraption. I was screaming and then everything blacked out

Authors pov

What's gonna happen find out either tomorrow or Thursday I'll write more thanks for the comments keep incuriginh me 😋😘

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