Little White Lies

What happens when Emily

And her boyfriend Harry

Spend the summer together

And she gets told some news


7. The proposal

Emily's pov

I got up early in the morning and fixed Harry some pancakes. I got all the stuff when I suddenly dropped the pan great! Harry came sprinting down stairs. "What's wrong babe are you ok?!" "I'm fine just dropped the pan!" "I see what your doing your trying to make better pancakes them me" he smirked "is it that obvious" "nice try love but I make the best" "whatever" I rolled my eyes. "So I was wondering if we could go out today" "sure babe" he picked me up and kissed me "wow you sure are happy I said yes" "of course!" He put me down and put on football "really this shit" I groaned "fine" then he switched the channel to sponge bob "much better"

~ 20 min later ~

I got ready put on my baby blue chevron dress with my blue jean jacket and my sparkle heels. I let my hair go into natural curly mode and put only regular make up. "You look great love" "aw thanks babe" we got in the car and drove to this place where we parked in the path filled with candles and Niall was there what? When I got out Niall started playing little things Harry's song to me. Then as we got further Louis gave me a beautiful daisy my favorite flower. And the path was going on and on and I got more gifts. A pearl necklace from zayn that said to Emily from your prince the I got some chocolates from Liam which were dark chocolates my fav. We finally reached our destination and it was a picnic by this beautiful true with homemade lanterns on them and on the tree was a carving which said "Haz+Ems= ∞" this is where we first kissed. "Harry you little romantic you" I blushed "I know" we sat down and ate grapes we tried to ring it into each other's mouth. Then he fead me chocolate covered strawberries and we ate awesome sandwiches. When out of nowhere Harry stood me and himself up and said "Emily you are the most beautiful girl I know and I'm inlove with you and all your little things" he got down on one knee and pulled out a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring gapsed "and would you do me the honors in being my wife" "of course haz" he put the ring in my finger and I almost screamed. He got up and twirled me around and kissed me. Then the boys played little white lies and Harry slowed danced with me and sang to me. I put my hand around his neck and he wrapped his arms around me and we slowed dance the whole night. I can't believe I was gonna marry Harry styles.

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