Little White Lies

What happens when Emily

And her boyfriend Harry

Spend the summer together

And she gets told some news


5. The phone call

Harrys P.O.V

It was valentines day and I remembered that I had a nice date planned for us. We got Emily home and went to change. "Harry?" "Yes love" I shouted while in the shower she walked in "Can I take a shower with you?" "Of course love" she got in man she it was hot. No literally the shower was getting really hot. We kissed for a long time when I realized with time it was. "Oh babe we need to get out we're about to be late for our reservation!" I put on my black skinnies a tux like and nice shoes. She wore a beautiful white dress with a blue jean jacket her favorite gray sparkle heels and her hair curled. She looked so beautiful. She walked in putting her earrings in "come on harry stop looking at me where gonna be late!" "Sorry you just look stunning" she gave me a smirk and walked to the car as I followed and opened the door for her. "Well styles your wanting some luck tonight aren't you?" "Maybe.." I gave her a smirk. We got there and we got our table and ate. I texted louis to romance up the place like put a bubble bath out and rose peddles and chocolate covered strawberries stuff like that.

Emilys P.O.V

Harry kept on looking at his phone on our date. What was up? We got to the house and he told me to wait at the door and he will text me when to come home. I knew where this was going.

Haz😋: come on in babe

You:Ok what are you trying to do styles?

Haz😋: You'll see 😏

I walked in to find rose peddles that was a trail. I followed them taking my dress off and shoes. It lead to the bathroom where I saw harry but naked in a bubble bath with his hair wet in a Mohawk and he had bubble on his nose. "Harry!" "Come in babe it's still hot,I don't bite...hard" I take off my clothes and get in. He starts to put bubbles on me and splash water on me. The rest of the bath was when we kissed passionately. He picked me up still kissing me and laid me down on the kingsize bed. It was the best night ever.

"Last night was amazing babe" I woke up in Harrys warm muscular arms. He rubbed my thigh and kissed me. I saw him eat a strawberry " I want one I moaned "fine" he smirked and fed it to me. Mmmm those were so good I swear I could die. I just wanted to lay here watch movies with Harry and eat strawberries.

Harrys P.O.V

Last night was awesome I absolutely loved it. We watch a few movies and then we fell asleep. I woke up and she was gone. "Emily?!" No answer "Emily!!" Her phone was on the stand. There were about 1,000 twitter comments. I thought I deleted it. Ugh!

@Maddie<3sharry:): oh your such a slut no one deserves you especially not harry.

@kaitystyles: If Harry saw me he would dump you in a heart beat! *cough* slut

1Dhog:you should just die no body cares about you. Hahahahhaha you ugly as fuck bye have a nice time in hell.

Omg I couldn't believe fans were this mean. I had to find Emily fast. I looked around the house and saw she was making a video on twitter "idk why everybody hates me I guess I'm just such a loser. I love you harry goodbye. She pulled a knife out and was about to stab her when I threw it out of her hand. I grabbed her hand dragged her to our room. "Ouch!" She got her hand finally released and she rubbed her wrist. I knew it! "I'm sor-" I interrupted her and kissed her. Then I put my forehead on hers to where our nose where touching. "I love you Emily and NOBODY will change that" "idk why I did that I'm sorry harry" "don't be it's not your fault" "yes it is if I would've had deleted twitter and forget those haters this wouldn't have happened" "shh" I put her on my bed and started to sing to her "you still love to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me, I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, I'm inlove with you and all your little things" "it's too cold out side for angles to fly for angles to die" she got up and got out a movie. "Do you feel better love?" "Yes your singing always makes me feel better" "so I've been told " I smirked. "Whatcha wanna watch babe" "idk love something scary" she hates them "you just want me to cuddle closer to you" "maybe..." "All you have to do is ask" she smirked. "Ok then what about fast and the furious 6, idk just brain storming. "What about frozen ?!" Of course she loves Disney but who doesn't. "Listen babe" "yeah harry something wrong?" "It's just we...have.....g..g-go get the popcorn first" damn it. "Ok" "no that isn't really what I wanna tell you ,we are going on tour for 5months" "what? Perfect timing harry!" "Sorry but you might get to go this time I'll ask Paul" "really?" "Maybe" "but Paul hates me""no he don't he's just mad cause he didn't pick my girlfriend". "Ok let's just watch the movie""but but what about the popcorn " I said puppy dog face like "fine" we cuddled all night long and watch Disney movies. It was perfect finally. I woke up to a phone call and it was Paul. It was prob about tour. "Hello?"

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