Little White Lies

What happens when Emily

And her boyfriend Harry

Spend the summer together

And she gets told some news


2. The agrument

**Harrys P.O.V

"What am I going to tell her" I asked Louis. "Just start off taking her on a long perfect date, then tell her" "Hey guys" Emily walked in looking as beautiful as ever and gave everyone a hug. "Hey love how's about we go out cause it's all about you tomorrow" "Sounds great" "K babe" tonight we were all going to the club to celebrate summer break so I got in my black shirt that Emily got for me some skinnies and some grey vans.

**Emily's P.O.V

We were going out tonight I always had fun with the guys but sometime there were trouble with all the drunk guys and screaming fans. I threw on a flowery blouse with my favorite shorts and my vans. Wasn't anything to dress up for we weren't going to the "fishbowl" we were only going to the loft which was just a small club.

** Ebys P.O.V

When we got there Niall looked amazing. He wore his red SnapBack with his gray shirt. I wished he knew how I felt. I'm just inlove right now I don't know why but Naills just something special.

**Harrys P.O.V

She looked so damn beautiful I loved her vans espcially cause I bought them. She looked so beautiful with her styled hair which I can tell Michelle did cause she's like the most wonderful hair stylets ever. All the sudden Niall got a call from a blocked number "Hello?" "Hey babe miss me" it was Madison Naills ex ugh I hate her. I picked it up "listen you little slut don't ever fucking call Niall again or I'll hunt you down and kill you. Got it bitch?" I hung up and tried to relax when Emily walks up

**Emilys P.O.V

"Hello love, you look so beautiful tonight" I giggled and he kissed me and I kissed him back "Ew get a room" Zayn said. "Oh grow up Zayn mate it's not like you and Perrie don't do that lovey stuff" Niall said laughing. All the sudden it started to rain hard and we just decided to hurry up and go to the club

***************Later that night at the club*************

" I'm going to get us Jell-O shots" "sure thing babe" he wasn't drunk something was wrong with harry did he cheat on me did someone die is something going on with the band what happened all the sudden I see Alvin my abusing father I've been hiding away from for years me and my mother escaped when he went to work sadly Alvin caught my mom and killed her that's when I found my grandma and meet Harry. "Hey Emily" he yelled and started running after me like sprinting "shit!" I yelled and dropped the Jell-O shots. He came over and punched me out cold

Hello lovelys hoped you enjoyed it I know I said I'd write one tomorrow but I got bored but deffently writing tomorrow

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