Makenzie just moved to Ross High in Doncaster, United Kingdom.Her and her best friends Sydney, Brittne and Emilee go to a club that night.Who will she meet?She loves to play football but what happens when she meets the captain of the team?Will they become friends or enemy's?


3. Enemy's

Makenzie POV

Recap:I turned back around and saw..

I turned back around and saw my other best friend from my old school, Nathan. I walked up to him and shouted in his ear, CARROTS!He turned around and i saw his eyes get a little brighter

N=nathan M=makenzie

N:Hey why are you here in Doncaster?

M:Cause my cousin said that I could come up here and live with her for a few.

N:Oh, cool so what class do you have next

Before I could answer Louis walked up to me and said,"Hey Kenzie were leaving to go to class, you coming? After I shook my head yes I told Nathan bye and headed in Louis's direction."Hey Louis wait up!"I shouted at him but he kept on walking faster and faster.I finally cot up to him and he said we all have the same schedule so he said to just follow him.

*skip to the end of the day*

We were all walking to our cars and got in. BEEP!My IPhone went off from a text.It was from Zayn. "Hey Harry wants to now if you Taylor and your friends want to come to his party tonight at my place?' I responded and said ya and asked him what time and he said about 6:35. We were home now and I haven't told all of them we were going to a party tonight.


Hey sorry im kinda tired so i know this is a short chapter but ill make a long chapter tomorrow cause tomorrows......FRIDAY!whoop whooooop!Mkay Bye:*

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