A Dream Come True *Liam Payne Love Story*

A girl named Lulu who absolutely loves music and is so musically talented gets the privilege to go on tour with One Direction as their opening act. But when things are just starting to get good, life takes a turn for Lulu and the boys.


5. Dreams Begin to Come True

Lulu’s POV

“Come on Lulu get up!” Louis screamed and gently slapped me. I groaned. “We’re in New York.” Louis said jumping on my bed. I finally sat up and told Louis to go away so I could change.

    I changed into Capri’s, a purple sparkly top, and Toms. I curled my hair and applied a little make-up and went out into the living room. I sat down in between Liam and Louis. “Good morning, love.” Liam said kissing my cheek. 

    I blushed, “Good morning. So what do we have planned today?” I asked no one in particular. 

“We have rehearsals at 2.” Liam said smiling at me. 

    I glanced at the clock. It was 1:30, “Okay we better go then.” 

Liam’s POV - Rehearsals

    Lulu went into another room to practice her routine, while we went in the auditorium to rehearse. I need to figure out a way to get Lulu to be my girlfriend. I was distracted during rehearsal and Louis must of noticed because he approached me about it, “Mate, what‘s on your mind that‘s been causing you to be so…out of it?” 

“I have been thinking of ways to get Lulu to be my girlfriend. Can you help me because I’m blank.” I said, looking desperate. 

“Yea, I have an idea.” Louis said putting his hand on my shoulder. 

    After Louis explained to me about his plan I asked, “When are we going to do this?” 

    Louis smiled at me, “Tonight.” I suddenly got nervous. I guess Louis noticed because he laughed at me.


Lulu’s POV

    When we got back to the tour bus after rehearsals, I went back to my room. Louis busted into my room, “Hey, Lulu. Do you want to go to a party with me tonight?” 

    I thought about it. It sounded fun. “Sure.” I said, going into my closet to pick out a dress. 

“Okay, hurry up.” Louis said walking out of my room. I got dressed into a beautiful sparkly, sky blue, mid-length dress and flats. 

    I fixed the curls in my hair, fixed my make-up and walked out of my room.

    Louis came up to me and grabbed my hand to guide me to the car, “You look stunning.” 

“Thanks Lou.” I said pecking his cheek.

    On our way to the party I asked Louis, curious, “Where’s this party at?” 

    Louis smirked, “The beach.” I love the beach. 

    When we arrived, Louis led me towards a picnic blanket. I noticed nobody was here except us. I turned around, but when I did, Louis was gone. I turned back around and saw Liam standing there on the blanket. He grabbed my hand and led me to the blanket, “You look beautiful, love.” 

“Thank you.” I said blushing. 

    Why is Liam here? Where did Louis go? 

    I must of said that out loud because Liam replied, “I asked Louis to help me with something.” 

“With what?” I asked confused. 

“To get you here so I could tell you this, Lulu, I really like you. You have the most beautiful voice ever. I get lost in your beautiful, emerald green eyes. Lulu, will you be my girlfriend?” 

    I stood there, shocked. I wasn’t expecting that, “Yes!” 

    He looked relieved. “Thank you.” Liam said taking both of my hands and stepping towards me. We stood there looking into each other’s eyes. Liam starts to lean in. I got really nervous. Liam stopped right before our lips touched and smiled then closed the gap between our lips. Sparks flew everywhere. Butterflies were let loose. 

    When we broke apart I stared into his beautiful brown eyes, “Remember that song?” Liam nodded. “It was about you.” I said smiling. 

    His face lit up, “Really?” 

    I blushed, “Yea.” 

    Liam looked off into the distance, “I thought you wrote it about a different guy, that you liked a lot. I thought I was too late. That’s why I left in a hurry, it hurt me to think about you with another guy.” 

    I grabbed his hands, “I only want you, Liam, and that’s all I’ll ever want. 

    Liam looked straight into my eyes, “You’re all I ever needed, Lulu, you’re the girl I’ve been waiting for. It makes me very happy knowing that the wait is over.” 

“I’m happy to be called yours, and I’m happy to call you mine.” I said, pecking his cheek. 

    He returned my kiss and looked at his phone. “It‘s getting late we should go.” Liam said, grabbing my hand and leading me to his car. I looked down at our laced fingers and smiled.

“Details!” Louis screamed as we walked back into my room. 

    I laughed, “He asked me to be his girlfriend.” 

“And?” He asked anxiously. 

“I said yes, then he kissed me.” I said smiling, playing the moment back in my mind. 

    Louis engulfed me in a hug, “I’m so happy for you!” Louis was definitely my best friend. “So are you excited about your first concert tomorrow?” Louis asked, curious. 

    I smiled, “Yes, but I’m quite nervous about it also. What if your fans don’t like me?” 

    Louis smiled reassuringly, “They will love you.” 

“Thanks Lou.” I said pecking his cheek. “I’m going to head to bed. Goodnight.” I said walking over to my closet to change. 

“Night, love.” Louis said, walking out and closing my door. 

    I laid down and played mine and Liam’s date over and over again in my mind. I smiled to myself, remembering the moment we kissed. I fell into a deep sleep.


**Hey guys! Sorry it has been awhile since I've updated last but I've been really busy lately with school and exams and things. I only have 9 weeks of school left and I will be able to update a lot more. :) Hope you understand and don't hate me. :) Thanks for reading!

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