You an I

She was a good girl and he was a punk… total opposites but what happens when they get assigned to do a project together will they trust each other or will Harry become a total asshole and hurt her? Read to find out in 'You and I'.


2. School



Angel's (POV)


Today was the start of my new school, I hate school I try to focus but I never can cause I'm always getting picked on. I was always getting called a slut, whore, bitch, stripper. I wasn't any of those things. I don't wear clothes that would go on a five year old or clothed that show way to much.

I got up out of my bed and walked into my closet to change:

(without the purse though)


I walked downstairs and saw my dad reading a newspaper. 'I'm going to school dad!' I yelled while shutting the front door. My dad never was home he was always at work until midnight. I walked down the sidewalk to school which was only like five minutes away. I started thinking about myself. I have REALLY long brown hair green eyes tan skin. Why would anyone like me i'm just plain on me.

After that I just pushed my thoughts away and was already at school. 'Hi I'm Eleanor.' a girl said as she came up besides me. 'Hi i'm Angel.' I said smiling. 'I'm guessing your new?' she said. I nodded. She smiled and grabbed my hand dragging me down the hallway towards the office.

'Name.' the lady plainly said while typing on her computer. 'Angel Réne Evans.' I said. She looked up and huffed a breath before slamming down a piece of paper that hard my schedule on it. Geez whats her problem.

'Thanks.' I said, she nodded and we left. 'Let me see your schedule.' Eleanor said. I handed it to her and she smiled. 'We have all of our classes together!' she squealed, I laughed and we walked and talked to first period. 'So that's the ruled, just stick by me and you should be fine.' she said after explaining who was nice and who was not.

We walked in and El sat down. 'Ahh, Mrs. Evans your new right?' he asked. No shit sherlock, have you seen me around here before? I nodded. 'Ok, well how 'bout you sit next to Harry.' he said pointing at a guy in the back staring out a window watching the rain slowly fall down the glass. 

Eleanor said that he didn't talk to anyone except for his friend Zayn and that he was 'trouble' so I should stay away from him but something about him doesn't feel that bad. I quickly made my way over to the empty seat next to him and sat down he glanced over at me and smiled a little then turned his attention towards the window again.

'Ok, class today I am going to partner you up for a project (music class), you have to pick  a song then present it to the class, and do this at your own time like in a free period or at ones house.' he said. I really hope I get Eleanor. 'Zach and Tom, Brittney and Molly, Eleanor and Louis, and Angel and Harry.' My attention snapped toward the front and just stared at the teacher.

I looked down and there was a note on my binder. I picked it up and read it.


I'm going to need your number so we can do the project at your or my house, here's my number and address you can come over after school: ***-***-**** (phone #) !#^$#^&(%)%#)  (Address)

From: Harry


I read over it a couple times. 'Oh, crap I'm screwed.' I thought


After school I walked over to Harry's house which was right next door to mine, I rung the doorbell and the door slowly opened…..




(ohhh CLIFFHANGER, I will update soon if I have my computer love you my WOLVES BYE BYE)


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