You an I

She was a good girl and he was a punk… total opposites but what happens when they get assigned to do a project together will they trust each other or will Harry become a total asshole and hurt her? Read to find out in 'You and I'.


5. Chapter 5



Angel's (POV)


I woke up about about 2 o'clock in the morning and realized I was laying on Harry's chest. I slowly got up and went into the kitchen when I heard scratching outside the back porch door and slowly walked over to see a small cat on the other side of the glass door.

I opened it up and stepped outside to sit on the step leading to the backyard, when I did the cat walked over to me and hopped in my lap curling up and laying there. I stroked it's soft black and white fur as it purred in my lap.

'Her names Dusty.' I snapped my head in that direction to see Harry walking over with a smile and sitting down beside me.

'She seems to like you a lot.' he said looking down at a now sleeping Dusty. 'I never knew you had a cat.' I said looking down at Dusty as well.

'Yeah, I haven't had her that long but she's usually inside. I guess she got out when we came in.' he said. I nodded and there was a short amount of silence until he broke it. 'So I guess we should get back in and get to sleep.' he said and got up.

I picked up Dusty and walked inside with her. She woke up and jumped down from my arms while circling around me and Harry's feet.

'The guest bedroom is right over there Dusty might follow you in there also.' I nodded and went inside and as Harry said Dusty came right along with me.

I pulled back the big soft duvet and climbed in with Dusty burrowing herself under the covers at my stomach. After about 10 minutes of laying there I finally fell asleep.



(Next Morning)


I woke up to find Harry sitting right next to me shaking me awake. 'Morning sleepy head.' he said. I groaned and turned back over. 'I have a letter for you?' I turned over and he still sat there but this time he had a letter giving it to me.

 I took it and read it out loud:


    Dear Miss Evans.

                   You have to come to a hearing about your father to either send him to jail or to not press charges in him. This is not optional and is required of you to attend. We will see you this Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

     The court judge.


I groaned again and harry just laughed at me. 'I don't want to go.' I mumbled into the pillow. 'If it helps I will go with you.' I looked up and smiled. 'I have a random question.' he said while I was playing with Dusty.

I nodded and he continued. 'Are you by any chance….ticklish?' before he could do anything else my head shot up and I grabbed Dusty and held her in front of me.

'Don't even think about it Styles.' I warned. He moved closer and I shot out of bed and ran out the door and down the hallway.

I ran into the living room with Harry following and  soon felt two arms wrap themselves around my waist lifting me up in the air.

'HARRY! Put me dow-!' before I could finish I saw 4 guys sitting on the couch. We both stopped and they starred at us like we were mental.

'Oh, Angel these guys are Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis.' he said pointing to each one of them. 'Hi' I whispered. 'Hey.' they said.

'You must be really special if you got him to talk.' Louis said. I smiled at that thought and realized that Harry's arms were still around my waist. He must have realized it to because he slowly released his grip and stood beside me.

Dusty walked around my feet and hopped on one of my legs so I bent down and picked her up sitting on the smaller couch opposite from the guys, Harry soon sat beside me and Dusty sat between us.

We sit there talking for about an hour till they asked me about my family, I told them that my mom died and that my dad was in jail but after that just the thought of not having any parents made me feel all queasy inside.

I couldn't get my mind off of it, it was bothering me that badly.

'Hey guys I'm just going to go outside for a bit.' They nodded and I walked out the back door and laid down on the ground looking up at the sky thinking about all thats happened it felt as though my dad never really loved me at all. 

It also felt like my mom didn't really die of cancer, because she just died one day, she never was in the hospital and she was never sick. 

I was at daycare when this all happened and when she died my dad wasn't crying or grieving he was actually…..angry?

This all made my head hurt. I let a few tears run freely down the side of my face as I lay there staring up at the sky.

I heard the door open then close but I didn't really bother to see who it was. Soon enough Harry came out and laid down next to me. 'You ok?' he whispered. I nodded.

Was I? WAs I really ok? I think I was trying to convince myself that more than him. 'Then why are you crying?' he whispered again getting closer.

I sat up slowly looking down at my hands. I shook my head. 'I don't know. It's just…' I sighed. 'I feel as though something's not right, something happened that I don't know about. It makes me think about all thats happened since I've moved here. Maybe this was meant to happen for a reason…or maybe life just hates me.' I said looking up to see him with his head leaning against his head listening to everything I say.

'I felt the same way when my sister and mother moved away and left me here without any warning.' he said. 'But I promise it does get better and whatever that thing is that you don't know, you'll find it out. If it's good then everything will be fine, but if it's bad then I WILL be right here for you.' he said taking my hands in his. 

I nodded hugging him. 'Thank you Harry. For everything.' I whispered into his shoulder. 'Anytime love, now let's go do something fun the boys left a little while ago so it's just you and me. I nodded and smiled. 

We both got up and went inside to get dressed.

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