Island 32B

4 kids are stranded on a inhabited island somewhere off the west coast of the USA after a plane crash. They need to signal a rescue but they have nothing to contact with. So they have no choice but to try to find civilization and learn how to survive on latterly nothing.


4. The Raft

    Heat roared through the island like fire meeting paper. But nobody could rest today, one hour wasted is one hour closer to their death. "Guys wake up!" said Anthony shaking them all awake. Zoey woke up and smiled at Anthony. "I'm gonna tell them..." Zoey said. "No-" said Anthony but it was too late. Ben and Hillary where already wake and focused on the smiling Zoey. "Did somebody come?" Ben asked still hazy from sleep. "Nah. But where gonna go to them." Zoey said smiling. "Zoey. Stop. please. we don't have a freakin car. where stuck here." Hillary said grouchily. "Where gonna build a large raft from driftwood and other floating woods. Then where gonna drift back to humanity." Zoey said.


  "SHES CRAZY!" said Ben "Somebody take her knives!" he said laughing. Hillary just sighed. "Gosh. I am so screwed." she mumbled. "Actually. It will work. The tide patterns of the earth are actually quite easy to drift on. We just need to get away from this island's current. then it should go smoothly" he said. Zoey just smirked at Ben. "Your gonna be the first one pushed off."


  The morning sun burned the skin of all four, but they set to work, only stopping to get food and drink water. They made a wooden hut, smaller then the current one and put it on the raft. They filled the raft's cracks with mud and Zoey made fish spears. They bound the logs together with long strips from the lifeboat.


  It was dark by the time they finished. "Go to bed guys" Said Anthony. Hillary happily returned to the hut to rest. Ben stayed for a bit but soon grew to tired to stay awake and fell asleep with Hillary in the hut. "So tomorrow we'll cast off..." Zoey said inspecting the raft. "Yeah" Anthony mumbled quietly. There was a long silence. Zoey searched Anthony's eyes but Anthony turned away. "I'm not so sure we'll actually make it." Anthony said quietly. "I swear we'll make it. ok?" Zoey said. Anthony nodded and leaned forward, kissing Zoey. Anthony was no longer a nerdy, weak boy. But instead a strong man. The glasses where long gone on the plane. And so was the Old Anthony.


   Anthony settled down in the hut while Zoey stayed out in the stars. Soon she grew too tired to keep her eyes open and she layed down in the hut along with Ben, Hillary and Anthony.

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