Island 32B

4 kids are stranded on a inhabited island somewhere off the west coast of the USA after a plane crash. They need to signal a rescue but they have nothing to contact with. So they have no choice but to try to find civilization and learn how to survive on latterly nothing.


2. Sandy Beaches

   Zoey woke up first. She rubbed her salt stained eyes and looked around at the tiny island in front of her. It could fit about 4 houses with big yards in it. But that was it. The lifeboat was washed up on the beach and slightly deflated. "Guys. Wakeup." She said, her voice gravely and stone cold. Ben, Hillary, And Anthony woke up. "Who the heck are you guys?" asked Anthony confused. "The plane crash. Where alone." Said Ben. Then he screamed. Hillary woke up and hurled into the sand. "Zoey" said Zoey standing up. "Anthony" said Anthony walking over to the tiny grove of trees. "Hillary" said Hillary climbing out of the lifeboat on shaky legs. "Ben" said Ben.


  Zoey waved the others over to a spot by the trees. "This will be our camp. Ben. Go get logs or driftwood. You too Anthony." said Zoey. "How do you know so much about survival?" asked Ben squinting in the hot sun. "I took a survival course. I'll take care of food from now on. Hillary will get water I guess. One of you guys will be incharge of signaling help somehow. The other will get a fire going." Zoey said. Everybody nodded. To scared to disobey the vicious girl who has the only 2 knives.


  In the late afternoon a small hut was built, complete with the life boat that popped for the roof. They had no source of food, the lifeboat had nothing in it. So Zoey speared some fish from the island's reef. Anthony sat trying to find a solution to be noticed by searchers. They had must have drifted miles from the plane crash. They could see nothing for miles and miles. Ben started a fire by rubbing sticks together for 4 hours. It was sunset by the time Hillary came back with water in large shells the size of one cup. "Thank god." Said Anthony taking one. He gulped it down and threw it back up within seconds.


  Zoey stood up knocking Hillary to the ground. "It took you all this time for SEAWATER?" Zoey said taking out her knife. "I didn't know what you wanted!" screeched Hillary struggling to get out from under Zoey. Just then a wrapper crumpled out of Hillary's pocket and a plastic bottle rolled out onto the sand. "YOU ATE THESE?" Zoey screamed. "I was hungry and thirsty." Hillary said softly. Zoey thrusted her knife down towards Hillary but Ben yanked Zoey back and held her firmly by the shoulders. "This is survival Zoey. Not the hunger games. You got that?" Ben screamed at her. "A lot of good she's doing just standing around and causeing us to do all the work! I could get a meal off her!" Zoey said whipping around and flipping her blonde hair in Ben's face. Zoey grabbed her knives and the bottle. "I'll go get us some real water from a stream..." Zoey snaraled. She was gone for 20 minutes before she came back with water from a revine. She boiled it near the fire and gave everybody small sips until it was gone.


   That night Zoey stood watch outside the hut. She sharpened her knives all night long. Driving Hillary crazy with fear for when she might pounce. And even in the darkest parts of the night Hillary could feel Zoey's blue eyes staring at her. Anthony's mind worked through the night and eventually he gave up on sleep. he went outside the hut and sat with Zoey explaining his idea's of escaping and finding land. "sounds like it could work." said zoey drawing in the sand with the tip of her knife. "you said could." Anthony smiled at her. "Chances are ok." Zoey said biting her lip. "Where already lucky enough" she finished. "Lucky doesn't cut it." Anthony said staring at Zoey. "Then We'll just have to count on our hope." Zoey said before she leaned forward and kissed him.       

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