Island 32B

4 kids are stranded on a inhabited island somewhere off the west coast of the USA after a plane crash. They need to signal a rescue but they have nothing to contact with. So they have no choice but to try to find civilization and learn how to survive on latterly nothing.


1. Planes Falling

    It was a nice summer day in Anchorage Alaska. It wasn't too cold. and there was no wind. Perfect flying conditions. 4 teenagers sat in the local airport's waiting area. Hoping the small plane would arrive soon that would take them from Alaska to San Francisco. Zoey sat with her dad, excited to get to San Francisco and board the other plane that would take her to Missouri so she could hunt for North American animals. Her pack of 2 hunting knives still hanging by her waist. The flight attendant came out to get the first class of people into the small plane, Anthony stepped forward. He was going to Las Vegas to compete in the North American Intelligence Quotient Championship. Hillary, a small girl with freckles and brown hair hurried into the area tugging on a suitcase. She sighed and pulled out her plane tickets. She was going to New York to start a fashion business. San Fransico was only the connecting flight. When it was time to board class C Ben stepped forward. He was traveling alone to see the world after being cooped up at his father's oil drill camp his whole life. Once on the small plane his joke could travel all the way to the front. Sending everybody into fits of laughter. I guess being funny comes with living in Alaska.


  It was 1 hour and 45 minutes into the flight. Zoey was talking to her dad about the animals she wanted to try to get, Anthony was reading textbooks, Hillary was ordering 3 snacks, and Ben was cracking jokes with the man he sat next to. The plane was traveling above the North Pacific Ocean now, and everybody was silent. Listening to music or reading. Totally tuned out of the world. That's when the plane suddenly stopped in mid air.


   The plane stopped and hovered. Like a hummingbird inspecting a flower. Then it dropped. Most people screamed and the pilots worked on the engine but it was no use. Some technical error had gone out of hand. Zoey's father (who was sitting next to the emergency exit) sprang to action. He opened the door as Zoey inflated the life boat at the yank of a string. "HE GAS IS LEAKING. ITS GONNA BLOW!" a pilot yelled from the front of the plane. Anthony, who had read many books about disaster situations, came over and helped Zoey with the life raft. Ben took life vests out from the back and tried to supply many people with them as he could. Hillary who had plane snacks packed in her pockets to the brim plus a mini water screamed and ran for the raft. The plane was about 20 seconds away from the water. "SMALL KIDS OR TEENS ON THE RAFT!" yelled Zoey's dad. The four teens reached the life boat and climbed in it, then without hesitation Zoey's dad pushes them out into the water. "DAD!" screamed Zoey.



   SPLAT! The life boat hit the water and filled the yellow shallow bottom with sea water. "JUMP!" Screamed Ben at the people in the falling plane. BANNGGG! the plane hit the water and a huge wave spewed over the teenagers. Hillary leaned over the side on the raft and hurled as the wave picked up the boat, tipping it to the side. "LEAN!" screamed Zoey and the boys joined her on the side. The little boat slapped back down and Zoey screamed at the plane sinking, Trapping all the people inside. "DAD!" Zoey screeched about to jump off the raft. Ben and Anthony grabbed her arms and yanked her back, one second before the plane exploded. Debris filled the air and rained down hard on the teens. The sea around them turned red and a wave from the explosion crashed down on them. Filling there mouths and eyes with seawater. They all fell together in a heap unconscious and dead to there surroundings.           

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