Island 32B

4 kids are stranded on a inhabited island somewhere off the west coast of the USA after a plane crash. They need to signal a rescue but they have nothing to contact with. So they have no choice but to try to find civilization and learn how to survive on latterly nothing.


3. Developing A System

    The group woke up stiff, covered in sand and wincing at the dried blood on there hands. The first day was always the hardest. It could only get better from here. Zoey set out early to go find a fish at the reef while Anthony and Ben worked on drawing a gigantic SOS across the beach. Hillary went out and found the ravine. she refilled the bottle and boiled the water so it was clean.


   Everybody was back at camp except Zoey. when she finally came up to the camp her feet where covered in blood and so where her footsteeps. "WHAT HAPPENED!?" Anthony yelled springing to his feet to help. "I feel off the reef." said Zoey as she handed Ben the fish. "Sit down take the weight off your feet" ordered ben. Zoey sat down and frowned. "I'm ok! really..." She said complaining as Anthony inspected her feet. "No, You can't be sure of that. Reef's have poisonous coral and jagged edges. It could get infected badly. It could be nothing." Anthony said. Ben have Hillary the fish to cook and Hillary got right on it silently. "We need a plan. We need to build another shelter." said Anthony as he took off his shirt and tore it into pieces. wrapping two strips around Zoey's feet. "Aw don't you guys like me! I mean we'll only be stuck on here forever!" Ben said laughing. The three others froze looking at him confused. "Did you just crack a joke?" Hillary said raising a eyebrow. Zoey launched herself at Ben and tackled him. "IS THIS FUNNY TO YOU?" Zoey screamed.


   It was late afternoon and Hillary was walking the length of the beach when she saw a coconut to the right side of her. She jogged over and kicked it. Playing a game of soccer by herself. Then all of a sudden her brain jumped to action. "A COCONUT! FOOD! COCONUT WATER!" Hillary screamed she grabbed the coconut and ran back to camp. The others where just as happy as her. They had a unlimited supply of then now by the north end of the beach.


   "we could do it... there is plenty of wood that floats around here. We could build a shelter stuck on the raft I guess. And I could make paddles and fish spears for us all to use." Said Zoey softly too Anthony as the others where sleeping. "Its riskey. We could very well die in the first day." Anthony answered. "But what if we didn't. what if we lived. The current would push us somewhere. And then we could go home." Zoey said barley above a whisper. the two sat in silence then Anthony spoke. "We'll start building tomorrow. Get sleep now. You deserve rest." they looked at each other before Zoey turned away. "Goodnight." She said curling into a ball close to the hut's walls.   

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