Island 32B

4 kids are stranded on a inhabited island somewhere off the west coast of the USA after a plane crash. They need to signal a rescue but they have nothing to contact with. So they have no choice but to try to find civilization and learn how to survive on latterly nothing.


5. Castaways

   They all woke up with the sun beating down on them. It was a slow morning but they got everything on the raft. Zoey handed everyone a fishing spear, Hillary packed berries, and they all took loads of fresh water in pouches cut from the lifeboat. Then they loaded the raft and paddled out to the sea.


  "I'm so tired." Hillary said after they where long away from the island, the sun was setting and Zoey had just caught dinner for everyone while trying to teach Anthony how to spear fish. The current carried them like a lazy river towards some coast, far far away.


  The foursome all woke up on the deck of the raft. The sun was high in the sky. "Ben fix the cracks with mud, that is if we have any." Said Zoey springing up. Ben nodded and opened the mud pouch from the island they had made. "I'll get a fish." Said Anthony reaching for his spear. Hillary stood up to get some water for everybody but her sea legs where still weak and she ended up tripping.


  Zoey, Anthony, And Ben stared at her as she surfaced in the water. "Thanks for helping me!" She scowled climbing back on the boat. Ben laughed and cracked some joke under his breath. Zoey sighed and walked over to Hillary. Zoey leaned over to inspect a scrape on Hillary's knee when Hillary pushed Zoey back. "I don't need your help Zoey!" she spat out.


   Zoey lunged forward tackling Hillary. "You have quite a big mouth for somebody who doesn't know how to use a fishing spear." Zoey said taking out a knife. Ben and Anthony rushed over and held Zoey back. "Come on Zoey we've talked about this!" Anthony said, struggling to contain Zoey. Ben laughed loudly and everybody stopped looking at him. Zoey pushed him off the raft in one swift shove. "Now that wasn't very nice was it?" Ben said clinging onto the raft.

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