Anna has been shut out all her life by her sister, Elsa. Little does she know that Elsa is different. She has a secret. And the on the day of her coronation, the secret that Elsa has done so well to hide is revealed.
Based off of Disney's Frozen


2. Chapter Two


Chapter Two


The library was dark, but the king knew exactly what he was looking for. An ancient book filled with knowledge gained in centuries past. When he found it, he pulled it from the shelf and quickly flipped through it to the section he needed. It was an ink drawing of a troll, which seemed to bee holding the northern lights in its hands. In front of the troll, a wounded man lay while the troll used the magic of the lights to heal him. The king turned the page and found a yellowed map. Carefully, he unfolded it, looked at it, and folded it back up.

Wasting no time, he ordered that the horses be saddled. The royal family hurried away from the castle. Elsa held on to her mother's horse, while the king, on his horse, held on tightly to Anna. The steeds thundered up the mountain.

Kristoff and Sven were walking down the rocky path under the glow of the northern lights, but as the rumble of galloping hooves drew nearer, they decided it could wait. They watched as the riders sped past, and then, they followed to a ridge above a mountain valley. They hid behind a rock when the horses whinnied and came to a halt. The king and queen dismounted.

"Please, help!" he yelled. "My daughter! She needs help!"

The hillside appeared empty at first. Then a pile of rocks rolled down, unfolding into small, gray creatures.

"Trolls," Kristoff whispered in amazement.

At that moment, the rock they had taken cover behind transformed into a woman troll named Hulda. "Shush. I am trying to listen." She looked at them more closely and realized that they weren't trolls. She grinned. "Cuties! I'll keep you!"

In the valley, the king stood with his daughters and wife as Pabbie, a very old troll, made his way to them. He gazed at the princesses. Looking at Elsa, he asked, "Was she born with the powers, or cursed?"

"Born," the king answered. "And they're getting stronger."

The troll turned his attention to Anna, who was still unconscious. "You are lucky it wasn't her heart. Heads are much more easily persuaded. We should remove all the magic, even the memories, just to be safe."

"Do what you must."

With a gentle touch of his fingers, Pabbie pulled a series of glowing memories from little Anna's head. They hovered before disappearing. All the magical moments she had spent with Elsa were gone, the only remnant being the bright red streak of hair.

"She won't remember my powers?"

"It's for the best," the king told Elsa.

"Listen to me, Elsa," Pabbie began. "Your power will only grow. There is beauty in it, but also great danger." He conjured up an image of an older Elsa in the sky. It twirled gracefully, framed by tiny flames. But soon, the flames grew in size, consuming Elsa. 

"You must learn to control your power. Fear will be your enemy."

The king hugged Elsa. He promised, "We'll protect her. We'll lock the gates and reduce the staff. We'll keep her powers hidden from everyone... including Anna"

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