Anna has been shut out all her life by her sister, Elsa. Little does she know that Elsa is different. She has a secret. And the on the day of her coronation, the secret that Elsa has done so well to hide is revealed.
Based off of Disney's Frozen


3. Chapter Three


Chapter Three


Back at the castle, the king and queen immediately orders that the castle gates be locked. All the doors were to be  closed, and all the windows were to be shuttered. They kept the girls secluded and no longer opened the castle to visitors. the family stayed hidden within, tucked away inside their walled kingdom.

As the princesses grew, their parents did everything in their power to ensure that Elsa would eventually learn to control herself. This resulted in the girls rarely being together. Elsa never tried to get close to her sister, in fear she would hurt her again. Day after day, she spent most her time trying to keep her fiery powers in check.

The training was difficult, and she was rarely contained her magic. Flames seemed to dance across her fingertips whenever she grew happy or sad or angry.

Worried, the king gave Elsa a pair of leather gloves. He advised her to keep hem on at all times, and reminded her that she had to hide her burning magic in order to stay safe.

"Conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show."

The years slipped by. Anna grew restless and lonesome. She had no one to play with, and eventually began to have conversations with the painted portraits in the gallery.

One day, she was feeling particularly alone. She raced down the hallway to her sister's room and rapped on the door. "Do you want to build a cinderman?" She hadn't a clue where she had heard the term "cinderman" before, but she rolled with it.

There was no reply. The door remained shut. Eventually, Anna gave up.

Without memory of magic, Anna had no idea why her sister suddenly avoided her. Over time, she accepted that Elsa's newfound cruelty was just a part of who she was. She didn't know that Elsa was just as lonely as she was. She wanted to play, but fear of harming her prevented it.

"I'm scared," she told her father one day. "It's getting stronger!"

"Getting upset only makes it worse. Calm down." He reached out to give her a hug.

"No!" Elsa cried out sharply. "Don't touch me."


Years later, when the princesses were in their teens, the king and queen boarded a ship to visit another kingdom. They hugged their daughters and left, just as they had many times before. But this time, they never returned. A storm engulfed the ship, and they were lost and sea. The kingdom mourned their rulers.

Anna, overcome with grief and not knowing where else to turn, knocked at Elsa's door.

"Elsa? Please? I know you're in there." As always, there was no reply. She slid down and rested her head against the door. "It's just me and you now. What are we going to do?"

Elsa sat inside, leaned up against the door. Her room was filled with smoldering ash and glowing embers.

In time, the girls became young ladies, but they had grown apart. Anna felt that she hardly knew Elsa anymore.

When Elsa turned twenty-one, it was time for her to be crowned as the new queen of Arendelle. The whole kingdom was bustling with excitement. For the first time in ages, the castle would be opening its gates to the village and surrounding kingdoms.

It would certainly be a celebration that no one in Arendelle would soon forget.

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