I Imagined You Were Real

This is a story about a girl who is so alone that she imagines up a boyfriend. But her passion for this guy creeps her parentd out, and they end up taking her to a mental hospital. She has to prove he is real, or realize he is only real to her. She can either let go of him, and be alone once more, or keep on beleiving, and remain stuck in a cell, just her and her imagination.


6. The Power Of Love

The doctors were one day watching Jessica on the secret hidden camera, talking to herself as usual. She was 16 now, and still no progress.


‘I really do love you, you know that’ Brillanill said romantically.


“And I love you too. Do you think my parents will keep me trapped here forever?” Jessica sighed.


‘Only if you believe in me forever’.


“Oh I shall never stop believing in you. Your the only person who remains by my side”.


‘And I want to be by your side forever, but I still reckon you should stop believing in me’.

”And cause your death! You must be joking! I love you, I wanna spend the rest o my life with you. Even if we have to live together in this cell!”


‘I hoped you would say that’


“What do you mean?”


‘I have something I have been meaning to ask you’.


“What is it?”


Brillanill got down on one knee, presented a red box to Jessica, flicking it open to show her a diamond ring inside. He said nervously “will you marry me?”.


Jessica cried out “oh yes! Yes I will! I love you so much!”


Jessica hugged Brillanill, took the ring from him, and put it on.


The doctor watching all the commotion was shocked to realize he could see the red box, and the ring was real. There really was a diamond ring on Jessica’s engagement finger. The doctor reversed the tape, and realized he could hear a male voice in Jessica’s cell. He reversed the tape again to see that Jessica’s mouth wasn’t moving at all through the whole conversation with thin air. Somebody was talking to her. The more he believed, the more he could swear ge could see a man sat in the cell with her. As soon as he got down to Jessica’s cell he could actually see Brillanill. A handsome young man, all suited up smartly, and looking crossly at him.


The doctor called out for assistance. As other doctors arrived he said “please tell me you see him too”. The doctors shook their heads saying “have you gone crazy?” The doctor said crossly “no I have not!” Jessica took hold of Brillanill’s hand and stood up. She said “you have to believe! Just for one moment try and believe he is there. I promise you will see him. He is real, look”. She presented her hand to everyone. They all gasped at the sight of the diamond ring on her finger. “How did you get that ring?” one of the doctors asked. Jessica smiled and said “Brillanill asked to marry me”. A doctor said crossly “impossible!” “Just believe he is there” Jessica pleaded to everyone. All the doctors began to slowly. To their amazement they could all see Brillanill, he was real, he was really there. “Unbelievable” the doctors said with their mouths open in amazement. Jessica cried out with excitement “they can see you!” She hugged Brillanill as they kissed in front of everybody.


‘When your love is so strong, anything is possible. So never stop believing in love’.

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